How hard is it to retrofit a louvered pergola system to your existing patio? At Denver Pergola, we do this all the time. In fact, 98% of our residential pergola installations are retrofitted to existing homes, rather than newly constructed residences. The process of incorporating a new StruXure adjustable louvered pergola is easy, offering many benefits.

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Incorporating a Pergola Into Your Existing Patio Design Adds Value & Function

With strict deadlines and tight budgets, home builders don’t typically put a lot of thought into patios. Even on properties with gorgeous views, they often fail to address the functionality of outdoor spaces. Many quite lovely yards are rendered useless in the afternoon due to the intensity of the sun, turning the home’s location into a negative asset.

When homeowners move in, they often look to simple solutions like patio umbrellas. However, these don’t work in the bright, windy Denver climate, and are frequently seen soaring off like a child’s lost balloon into neighboring yards. Fortunately, with a StruXure louvered pergola, you can address many issues common to the Colorado region:

  • With a louvered roof pergola, you can easily manage the intensity of the afternoon sun.
  • A pergola system with motorized pergola screens is the perfect solution to combat glare from the angle of the rising/setting sun.
  • The interlocking louvers of StruXure aluminum louvered pergolas provide leak-free rain protection, ensuring a space that’s useful despite Denver’s frequent pop-up thunderstorms.
  • Designed to withstand hurricane-force winds, you never have to worry about strong mountain gusts with StruXure aluminum pergola systems.

The Process of Attaching an Aluminum Pergola to Your Home

Louvered pergola systems are easily attached to your home over your existing patio or deck. Depending on your preferences and county code requirements, we can top mount posts or seamlessly integrate your pergola into the angles of your existing walls or architecture, working around pools, fountains, and other features as necessary. We offer a variety of pergola colors to complement your modern or traditional home design. We can build your home pergola as large as your budget allows to nearly any dimensions.

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When fastening your aluminum pergola to stamped concrete, a popular choice, modifications may be required. Concrete must be thick enough to surface-mount the system, requiring a 36-inch case depth (below the frost line) to meet county code requirements.

Straight walls, without “bump-outs,” make it easier to install your pergola system, helping you avoid the need to design your pergola around home extensions. Pergola components are securely attached to the side of your house, using structural supports within the walls of your home, such as studs, every 12-16 inches, according to code. We can work with wood, stucco, and other common building materials, however, installations on brick are not possible. In this case, a freestanding pergola design is necessary.

Freestanding Home Pergola Installations

Freestanding installations are also easy to accommodate. In some instances, we can also add a louvered pergola roof to your existing wooden pergola structure, turning the once static, open structure into a flexible shelter that can be opened or closed on-demand to accommodate changing weather. Your wood pergola must include thick posts and a robust, structurally sound construction to accomplish this. Otherwise, structural improvements or a complete pergola renovation may be required.

Maximize use of every square foot of your home, from indoors to out, with a custom residential pergola. Contact Denver Pergola Systems to schedule a design consultation today.

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