Are you looking for the best patio shelter for your outdoor living space? Pergolas are an excellent way to add functionality and curb appeal, but they’re not all the same. When comparing Renaissance pergolas against StruXure pergolas, there are many differences. If you want to use your deck or patio year-round, diving into the details is essential.

Renaissance Pergolas

Renaissance sells pergolas throughout the US through its network of local dealers/installers. Like StruXure pergolas, they offer custom-designed attached or detached pergolas made from aircraft-grade powder-coated aluminum. Each is engineered to meet local building codes and weather conditions, including high winds and snow.


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Renaissance offers two styles of pergolas:

  • Aria – traditional design with exposed trusses
    The Renaissance Aria is a modern take on the classic pergola design. This decorative adjustable pergola lets you rotate the lattice to allow 90% to 40% sunlight within your space. Because it cannot be completely closed, it offers little to no rain or snow protection.
  • Fresco – patio covers with a solid top
    Fresco pergolas also mimic traditional pergola looks but feature semi-translucent infrared-rejecting polycarbonate roof panels. Polycarbonate panels filter out 40% of sunlight and protect against rain and snow. These pergolas can also be screened (permanent).

Renaissance pergola color options include your choice of three colors: white, sandstone, or bronze. You can also integrate side privacy shades and wall supports for lighting, fans, and TVs.

Renaissance’s pergola warranty includes:

  • Lifetime warranty against structural defects
  • Ten years – plastic and composite parts
  • Five years – paint and finishes

Coverage is applicable for residential customers specifically. The warranty does not cover damage caused by negligence in use or care, saltwater, hail, expansion/contraction, and heavy snow and water loads. You must also keep your installation contract and original dated sales receipt with your pergola model number to be able to file a warranty claim.


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StruXure Pergolas

StruXure offers custom-designed attached or detached styles made from aircraft-grade powder-coated aluminum with no maximum size. Each pergola is engineered to withstand hurricane-force winds, torrential rains, hail, and heavy snow loads. StruXure pergolas feature a cutting-edge louver system that pivots up to 170-degrees, allowing you to dial in the ideal amount and angle of sun or shade. A built-in gutter system transports water away when louvers are fully closed, preventing annoying drips and cascading water from raining down on you and your furnishings.

StruXure offers multiple pergola model lines, including:

  • Pivot 6 – a highly-customizable homeowner favorite
  • Pivot 6 XL – ideal for more expansive home and commercial designs
  • Pivot 6 Slide – enjoy expansive views with this sunroof-style adjustable pergola
  • Pan 6 – create an expansive, modular design with fixed pans and louvered sections

Choose from six standard colors, custom hues, or faux wood wrap. Create a sleek, modern design or mimic traditional pergola looks with custom columns, a cornice façade, or a cap and base trim.

StruXure louvered aluminum pergolas offer many more customization opportunities, including built-in:

  • Recessed and strip lighting
  • Infrared heaters and ceiling fans
  • Motorized curtains and screens
  • Somfy remote control or app-driven operation
  • Home automation compatibility
  • Rain, wind, and freeze sensors for weather-responsive adjustment

StruXure’s pergola warranty includes:

  • A transferable lifetime warranty against
  • 15-year warranty on structural components (posts, gutters, louvers, beams)
  • 10-year warranty on manually operated systems
  • 5-year warranty on power components

Which is Better – StruXure Pergolas or Renaissance Pergolas?

Renaissance pergolas don’t offer the same design options, durability, and versatility as StruXure pergolas. They may stand up to wind, but warranty exclusions against hail, expansion/contraction, and heavy snow and water loads call Renaissance’s pergola durability into question. The Renaissance Aria’s open roof offers minimal rain protection. The Fresco’s polycarbonate roof pergola may block out rain, but without a gutter system, it will spill water all over you or your patio floor. Translucent polycarbonate panels reflect infrared heat but offer no option for complete shade on days when the bright Denver sun is too much to bear. What’s worse, polycarbonate panels stain with leaf and dirt buildup and require frequent cleaning. For true comfort and shelter in any weather, only StruXure pergolas deliver, giving you sun, shade, ventilation, and precipitation protection on demand in a lasting, low-maintenance package.

Don’t Fall for Patio Shelter that Falls Short on Function

When it comes to creating a low-maintenance, durable, truly year-round outdoor living space, StruXure pergolas are unmatched. Avoid the pitfalls of a poor pergola purchase by comparing a Renaissance pergola against a StruXure pergola with help from StruXure Denver. Ensure year-round usable square footage. Contact us at 303-500-6669 to learn more or schedule a design consultation today.


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