Bringing your dream outdoor space to life is a challenging task. Finding a solution that will look great, ensure comfort, and last can feel like the grand trifecta of impossible achievements. Fortunately, a patio shelter exists that ticks off all these boxes and then some. Why choose a bioclimatic pergola from StruXure Denver?

Bioclimatic Pergolas Provide Year-Round Use in Any Weather

StruXure bioclimatic pergolas adapt to changing weather, providing a comfortable microclimate. Unlike traditional wood pergolas, this modern pergola with a roof features an innovative louvered design that regulates temperature. Slats rotate up to 170 degrees, offering superior comfort. Adjust the angle of louvers to the ideal position, controlling the environment below and setting the stage for your favorite outdoor pastime:

  • Open louvers to take advantage of the sun’s warmth on a crisp spring morning while enjoying hot coffee and tea on your patio.
  • Dial in the perfect amount of shade and kick built-in ceiling fans into high gear, staying cool while sipping your favorite summer drink poolside.
  • Open louvers and peer at the night sky on a crisp, clear fall night while lounging with your favorite throw beneath patio heaters.
  • Relax by your outdoor fireplace or fire pit beneath the comfort of your heat-safe aluminum pergola.
  • Grill outdoors without worrying about the rain, opening louvers to the perfect angle to improve airflow and clear away smoke and fumes.
  • Close louvers for and engage the integrated gutter system for protection from rain and snow, enjoying the confidence of knowing your patio furnishings will remain dry.


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Louvered Pergolas Bring the Comforts of the Indoors Outside

Extend your living space outdoors, ensuring comfort 24/7/365 with built-in pergola accessories. Incorporate color-changing strip lights or dimmable pot lights, setting the stage for outdoor relaxation. Add ceiling fans for summer comfort and infrared patio heaters for winter warmth. Enhance weather protection and privacy with motorized screens and curtains, shielding yourself from winter winds, rain, snow, and the sun’s glare as its angle changes in the sky. Pergola accessories from StruXure Denver ensure reliable year-round use of your louvered pergola no matter the season or weather.

Aluminum Pergolas Come in Custom Sizes and Designs to Perfectly Accent Your Space

StruXure residential and commercial pergolas overcome obstacles off-the-shelf patio shelters cannot. Unlike cookie-cutter designs, we custom-tailor each unit to your exact measurements. We can create any configuration – attached or detached, tall or short, minuscule or massive, from 12×12 to large multi-zone systems. Create a sleek, minimalist design or traditional look, choosing from six standard colors or faux wood accented with custom trim, end cuts, or architectural columns, adding curb appeal and value to your home or business with your luxurious pergola addition.

Smart Pergolas from StruXure are Easy to Use

Adjust motorized louvers and accessories with the click of a remote control button, your smartphone, or home automation system using Somfy RTS technology, choosing from electric or solar-powered options. Program as needed, on schedule, or integrate rain, wind, and freeze sensors for on-demand response, leaving wet patio furniture in the rearview. 

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Bioclimatic Pergolas Offer Lasting, Environmentally Friendly Patio Shelter

StruXure pergolas are custom-made in the USA from 50% recycled aluminum. Recycled aluminum uses 95% less energy than producing new metal, losing none of its characteristics. Instead of excess waste from frequent replacement, we’ve designed our pergolas to provide a lifetime of use, offering a more environmentally sustainable patio shelter choice. They stand up against Denver downpours, hail, hurricane-force wind, and heavy snow loads. Our powder-coated aluminum pergolas can also help you save energy and reduce HVAC when you open or close louvers to exclude or take advantage of the sun’s warmth in attached structures.

Reinvent Your Outdoor Space

Don’t let the weather chase you in. Add functional, year-round square footage with a bioclimatic pergola from StruXure Denver. We’ve been creating custom louvered pergolas for homes and businesses across the Denver region for over a decade. Contact us at 303-500-6669 to get a FREE ESTIMATE for our cutting-edge pergolas today.


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