Is a fixed or louvered roof pergola best for your home and lifestyle? You’re looking forward to enjoying your outdoor living space and want to make sure you can use it in any weather, from the bright Denver sun to rain and snow. Determining whether you want an outdoor pergola with a roof or an adjustable pergola can be a big decision. Considering key differences between these patio shelter styles can help you make the best investment.

Fixed vs. Adjustable Pergolas – Versatility

Fixed roof structures, which may be either fully open or fully closed, provide little flexibility. Only a pergola with a roof allows you to adjust settings to the perfect amount of sunlight, shade, ventilation, or precipitation protection. Whether you want to bask in the sun’s warmth on a cool fall day, protect yourself from the scorching summer sun, ensure shelter from the rain or snow, or improve ventilation while cooking or relaxing outdoors, motorized pergolas have you covered – or uncovered! Open or close the motorized roof, adjusting louvers up to 170 degrees with the touch of a button to create the ideal setting.


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Static vs. Motorized Pergolas – Comfort

Traditional, vine-covered wood pergolas might look pretty – but finding yourself beneath one during a Denver downpour or snowstorm will quickly detract from their looks. Only a louvered roof pergola provides an enjoyable outdoor experience, opening or closing on demand so you can adjust to the perfect amount of sun or shade, take advantage of beautiful blue skies, or ensure drip-free rain and snow protection. Available accessories allow you to create the ideal outdoor environment, from built-in lighting to ceiling fans, infrared patio heaters, motorized screens, and smart weather sensing technology that adjusts in real-time to changing weather.

Traditional vs. Louvered Patio Roofs – Style

Fixed and adjustable patio roofs are well-matched in terms of looks and style, adding a sophisticated touch to any outdoor space. Fortunately, choosing a modern louvered pergola doesn’t mean you’re limited in design options. Choose from sleek, modern designs to touches like custom cut ends, architectural columns, and a variety of colors, including faux-wood options, so you can achieve the perfect look to complement your home or backyard theme. StruXure offers a variety of home pergola solutions to meet your needs:

  • Pivot 6 – this highly customizable freestanding or attached pergola is a homeowner favorite.
  • Pivot 6 Slide – opens like a car sunroof, offering expansive sky views.
  • Pan 6 – alternate static and louvered panels, creating an expansive, zoned deck or patio design.
  • Cabana X – small but mighty, these portable plug-and-play 12×12 pergolas require no permitting.

Wood vs. Aluminum Pergolas – Maintenance

While the typical wood pergola or pavilion requires regular painting or staining for protection against weather, mold, and pests, aluminum pergolas require minimal maintenance. Featuring a powder-coated, fully extruded aluminum frame, all it takes to care for your StruXure pergola is the occasional spray down with a hose and the occasional clearing of leaves from the gutter system to keep it looking and performing its best. Our pergolas are built to last a lifetime, withstanding heavy rain, denting from hail, hurricane-force winds, heavy snow, and corrosive marine or poolside environments.


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When It Comes to All-Around Value, You Can’t Beat Adjustable Pergolas

For the homeowner who truly wants to have it all, StruXure aluminum pergolas have you covered, providing protection from the sun’s heat and glare, shelter from the rain, and privacy while still offering you access to sunshine and sky views. Our adjustable pergolas give you more, allowing you to make the most of every season. They’re built in the USA to deliver lasting enjoyment and value, offering an unsurpassed transferrable limited lifetime warranty.

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