How can you pull off your outdoor living design without busting your budget? Like any home renovation project, the cost of updating your deck or patio space can quickly add up. Fortunately, there are ways to maximize your budget without compromising quality and style. Where should you spend and where should you splurge in your renovation?

Focus Your Patio Design on Essentials and Favorites

You might want everything from a pool and spa to an outdoor kitchen, fireplace, and custom aluminum pergola, but budgetary and space constraints will likely limit your selection. Focus on “must-have” elements that you’ll often use, including reliable patio shelter, comfortable furnishings, and a few favorite feature elements.

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Create a Patio Designed for Long-Term Use

Sitting on a soggy cushion after afternoon storms or baking beneath the blinding sunlight will not inspire repeated use of your porch or patio. To maximize your outdoor living investment, building your design around reliable shelter is crucial. With a custom pergola decked out with built-in lighting, ceiling fans, and an infrared patio heater, you can incorporate additional square footage that offers reliable, comfortable use year-round, morning through night.

Consider Completing Your Landscape Design in Phases

If your funds are limited, consider items you may be able to incorporate into your design later, saving them for a future investment. Make a plan with the help of a pro, ensuring space for each current and future addition beneath your home pergola to avoid adding to your patio renovation costs by destroying finished surfaces and doing work twice.

Make Use of What’s Available in Your Landscape Design

Rather than tearing out everything in your yard and starting fresh, take a moment to take stock of what you can reuse. Repurposing existing stone, wood, and greenery can help you maximize your budget and enhance your design. If you don’t have anything reusable, shop nearby salvage yards and materials warehouses, where you can find these items to complement your home pergola at a fraction of the price.

Choose Hardworking, Budget-Friendly Materials

Placing high-end hardscaping materials like natural cut stone beneath your adjustable pergola can quickly eat your budget. Wood, concrete, and precast pavers offer a more affordable alternative and can be stamped and stained to create a high-end feel for a fraction of the cost.

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Prune Your Plant Budget

Most ground covers, ornamental grasses, vines, herbs, and perennials quickly grow, offering significant savings, especially when purchased at end-of-season sales and community plant swaps. Buy most plant additions small, saving splurges for larger shrubs like screening and high-impact centerpieces surrounding your pergola system.

Accent with High-Impact, Low-Cost Décor

Additions like decorative stone obelisks, birdbaths, colorful containers, outdoor rugs and pillows, and strip lighting incorporated as part of your adjustable aluminum pergola make a significant impact for little out of pocket.

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