While most homeowners are battening down the hatches for the upcoming winter season, savvy homeowners are already looking towards next summer. They understand now is the ideal time to plan the outdoor pergola addition for an outdoor space their family will enjoy next season.

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Why is Fall the Ideal Time for an Outdoor Pergola Addition?

Home designers and industry insiders are already forecasting the hottest outdoor living trends for the coming year. Beginning an outdoor living addition in the fall offers clever homeowners the chance to take advantage of these latest ideas and product offerings. The advanced planning allows for the creation of a truly unique and jaw-dropping Pergola addition that will be the envy of the neighbors in the coming spring and summer season. Because the design process for a detailed, customized outdoor living addition takes time, planning and scheduling, it is essential to begin the creation of your new outdoor space in the fall.

What Outdoor Living Trends Are Standing Out for the Coming Season?

  • Outdoor Kitchens
    Goodbye, lonely patio grill. Today’s outdoor spaces are sporting fully-furnished kitchens with features such as burners, pizza ovens, griddles, sinks, refrigerators, bar stations, outdoor pantries, dishware storage, and hidden trash compartments.
  • Deck, Porch & Patio Combos
    Can’t decide between a deck or patio? Why not go for both? Complex spaces that combine decks, porches, and patios are the latest trend in outdoor living space designs. This design not only creates a luxury feel and fascinating profile but gives homeowners multiple ways to make use of and enjoy outdoor space.
  • Interesting Deck Designs
    Gone are the days of run-of-the-mill rectangular deck designs. Today’s outdoor living spaces are sporting unique shapes like curves and polygons.
  • Multi-Level Spaces
    Elevated decks are coming to the forefront, with classic 2-story outdoor areas featuring a sundeck above and deck or porch below. In single-story designs, raised dining areas and lowered seating areas are defining spaces to create amazing new backyard profiles.

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  • High-Tech Shelter
    Instead of being stuck with fixed roof profiles as in years passed, today’s outdoor shelter is multifunctional and high-tech. StruXture adjustable aluminum pergolas lead the industry in cutting-edge pergola design, allowing homeowners to take advantage of the outdoors in any weather scenario. Open up louvers to fully indulge in the sun, adjust to deliver the perfect amount of shade, or close to seal out rain and snow. With so many accessories the customization possibilities are nearly limitless.
  • Stonework
    Stone accent walls and columns, stone fireplace surrounds, and other masonry features are increasingly making their way into today’s outdoor living designs.
  • Reclaimed Materials
    Historic touches like reclaimed barn wood and authentic bourbon barrels are being integrated into outdoor furnishings, creating unique, more personalized outdoor spaces.

Don’t let the coming outdoor living season pass you by. Seize the day and enjoy the outdoors. Contact a designer at Denver Pergola Systems and devise your dream outdoor living space today.

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