As the traditional work environment is left in the rearview, its evolution has come full-circle, returning to the outdoors, yet in a far different way than our farming ancestors. Far from the claustrophobic cubicle and the 4-walled monotony of cramped home office spaces, employees and entrepreneurs in both the traditional and work-from-home arenas are literally opening the doors to new possibilities. Outdoor office spaces are popping up nationwide, providing open, energy and productivity-boosting views, and offering surprisingly weather-friendly accommodations when carefully designed.

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Setting the Worker Bee Free

Tired of working in the cramped corner of a noisy house? Aimed at trying to better serve the average office ‘worker bee’ chained to a desk indoors all day, outdoor office spaces, complete with comfortable chairs, desks, electrical outlets, and Wi-Fi signal boosters, are luring workers outdoors, from big business executives and techies to home-business entrepreneurs, telecommuters, and artists. Combined with flexible, reliable shelter, these spaces are delivering unique opportunities for collaboration and creativity in a protected, yet open outdoor environment.

The Cure for the Boring Meeting

Inundated with meetings? An outdoor locale can make even the most tremendously time-consuming meeting more enjoyable. Save commute time, taking part remotely via webcam and video app technology, or invite clients over for a round-table. With an outdoor office space, you can better delineate between your work and home life.

Not Your Corner Coffee Shop

Distractions driving you crazy? A far cry from the hustle and bustle and endless distractions of the run-of-the-mill, Wi-fi enabled coffee shop, outdoor office spaces in the home and on-site offer all the beauty, but none of the bothers of the typical food-encrusted hot spot. Tucked away in the greenery of your own backyard, outdoor studios and garden offices truly offer a private oasis, blooming with the potential for efficiency and creativity.

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Environmentally Friendly

Inclement weather? With the latest in today’s shelter technology, Arcadia adjustable aluminum pergolas, outdoor office spaces can even be used in sub-par weather conditions. Providing leak-free rain protection when you need it, yet opening up to reveal the beautiful blue sky when you don’t, this unique shelter solution ensures a comfortable work environment rain or shine. Paired with the latest rain and wind-sensing technology, louvers respond on-demand to weather changes, with 170-degrees of adjustment, or with simple remote control operation from anywhere in your home. Alongside bells and whistles such as motorized screens for pest protection and improved shade, outdoor curtains for privacy, and patio heaters and fans for warmth and cooling, outdoor office space comfort can rival any interior location.

Want to know more about what’s involved in adding an outdoor office space of your own? Find out, with an up-close look at the “how-to’s” in the next installment of our series.  Open up to new possibilities with the help of Denver Pergolas Systems today.

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