The patio shelter you choose defines your yard’s appearance and functionality. Two popular choices – a louvered pergola and retractable awnings – offer distinctly different benefits. Which is better for your deck or patio design?

Differences Between Retractable Awnings & Louvered Pergolas

Retractable awnings

Retractable awnings offer a good option for temporary sun shelter and are available in a variety of sizes, including freestanding or attached configurations. They feature cloth or canvas attached to a rail system you can slide into place for sun protection and away as needed via hand crank or motorized operation. They cost less upfront than louvered pergolas but require more frequent maintenance, repairs, and replacement.

Louvered patio covers

Louvered aluminum pergolas provide more versatile shelter than retractable awnings, offering sun, shade, ventilation, and protection from rain and snow. Featuring a cutting-edge, louvered roof design with rotating slats that pivot up to 170 degrees on demand, they make it a breeze to adjust to changing weather from hour to hour and season to season. Motorized pergolas cost more upfront but require less maintenance and last longer than retractable awnings.


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Why Louvered Patio Covers Come Out On Top

When it’s time for significant repair or replacement, awning owners often consider a patio cover upgrade due to the considerable advantages and better return on investment louvered patio covers offer:

    • Louvered pergolas provide all-weather use
      With an adjustable aluminum pergola from StruXure Denver, you can dial in the perfect amount of sun, shade, ventilation, or shelter, adjusting louvers up to 170 degrees. Unlike fabric patio covers, louvered pergolas can withstand hurricane-force winds and heavy snow loads – no need to take them down during inclement weather. A patented gutter system expertly seals out rain and diverts water and snow melt away. Operation is a breeze, including remote, smartphone, or home automation options and optional integrated rain, wind, and freeze sensors for on-demand adjustment to changing weather.
    • Aluminum pergolas are more durable and low maintenance
      Aluminum pergolas Aluminum pergolas far outlast cloth and canvas shelter, which can fade in sunlight, stain due to dirt, leaves, mildew, and bird droppings, and tear under the strain of rain, snow, or wind. StruXure louvered patio covers are built to last a lifetime with a corresponding warranty, featuring a fully extruded powder-coated aluminum frame. They resist rust, rot, and warping, even in harsh poolside and marine environments, requiring only the occasional hosing or wipe-down to keep them looking their best.


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  • Louvered pergolas are more stylish
    StruXure pergolas come in a variety of styles to complement your space, from modern to classic, traditional designs, including more sizing and design options than fabric patio covers, where stability may limit sizing. Choose from six standard colors, including faux wood wrap, custom end cuts, trim, and decorative columns, ensuring seamless integration into your outdoor space. Featuring a more permanent feel than fabric, luxurious good looks, and cutting-edge features, StruXure aluminum pergolas offer lasting value and curb appeal.
  • StruXure bioclimatic pergolas provide a more comfortable environment
    StruXure motored pergolas ensure an enjoyable outdoor experience no matter what the Denver weather throws your way, with a wide array of optional integrated accessories like lighting, ceiling fans, infrared patio heaters, and motorized screens and curtains for improved sun, wind, and precipitation protection.

Don’t Settle for Simple Sun Protection – Enjoy Your Outdoor Space Year-Round with a Louvered Patio Cover

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