Pergolas and a porch awning are not the same thing. They serve the same need with only one benefit in common – protection from the sun. A pergola is a permanent outdoor structure with many design possibilities. It is made up of columns that supports an adjustable louvered roof letting in full sun, just a little, or none at all. A pergola can be attached to a house or freestanding as a gazebo. The roof creates a usable space below, no matter the weather.

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What’s a Porch Awning, then?

An awning is a stretched cloth overhang that extends from the window, door or occasionally, the deck of a building. They are secondary constructions attached to a building. Sometimes they are under-girded with a light metal structure that strengths them for light winds.

A pergola, like an awning gives protection from sun and inclement weather but it’s true purpose is to provide an extended outdoor living space. Pergolas allow homeowners and commercial establishments to make their own unique style statement. They can range in style from classical to modern or from small to large with endless possible color options.

The Benefits of a Pergola instead of a Porch Awning

Pergolas have more than one possible use. Do you want to make your deck or patio into a luxury outdoor living room? You can do so with a pergola that has a louvered roof allowing you to enjoy a sunny day or a starlit night sky. Perhaps, you’re looking for a space to entertain friends? A pergola gives you plenty of room to set up a barbecue, dine in style and mingle with guests. For restaurants or other outdoor commercial venues, outdoor seating because a reliable and stable part of your entire seating structure, providing consistent revenue.

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Awnings can be made of different materials and colors but they have only one design possibility. The purpose of an awning is purely functional. Over a door, they give people entering a building a place to wait out of the weather. Over a window or deck they cut the glare of the sun, reducing indoor temperatures, and saving on air-conditioning costs. However, unless they have a ridged structure under them, they must be closely monitored for strong winds, or heavy rains, lest they be reduced to ripped fabric and twisted frames.

Awnings can save you money, but you must build into that cost the cost of replacement because it’s not a matter of if, but when they will need replacement, in whole or in part. Want something more reliable, that you invest in once and never more? Contact Denver Pergola Systems at 303-505-6669 to see the design capability of an adjustable louvered roof by Arcadia, provided exclusively in Colorado by Denver Pergola Systems.

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