This article was originally published on February 4, 2019 and updated on February 15, 2024

Motorized pergolas and patio awnings are not the same. They both provide sunlight and light rain protection, but the similarities end here. These outdoor shelters serve two distinctly different purposes. If you’re looking for reliable, long-term weather protection, patio awnings aren’t worth it.

Awnings are for Fair Weather Use

Awnings are purely functional secondary additions installed over doorways and windows. Featuring a canvas or cloth construction and lightweight metal frame, they cannot extend from attached structures as far as pergolas. Awnings provide only a small, sheltered area for brief use, such as when unlocking your door or waiting in an entryway. When placed over windows, they shield attached structures from sunlight, helping control temperatures and reduce AC use. Awnings must be closed or removed to prevent damage in strong winds, heavy rain, hail, and snow. For this reason, they frequently require parts replacement and maintenance.


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Pergolas are Permanent

Aluminum pergola systems provide more durable, reliable protection from the elements than awnings, but their true purpose is to extend outdoor living space. Structural pergola systems may be freestanding or attached and feature columns that support a louvered roof, allowing them to cover vast spaces. Functional and decorative, they offer many design possibilities. Motorized pergola louvers rotate on-demand, letting in sunlight, offering shade, or closing to provide shelter from the rain and snow. There’s no need to take them down during inclement weather – aluminum pergolas stand up to heavy rains, hail, hurricane-force winds, and heavy snow loads. Powder-coated aluminum pergolas are a one-time investment offering lasting use with minimal maintenance.

Why Pergolas are a Better Investment Than Porch Awnings

Pergola systems offer considerable advantages over patio awnings:

Aluminum pergolas are a once-and-done investment

Unlike patio awnings, which require frequent maintenance, repair, and replacement, aluminum pergolas offer decades of weather protection with minimal maintenance.

Pergolas are more functional than patio awnings

Providing more than the fleeting shelter of an awning, StruXure bioclimatic pergolas give you plenty of space to eat, drink, work, play, or relax outdoors in comfort and style. Add an outdoor living room, outdoor kitchen and dining, poolside cabana, or bar to enjoy year-round. Incorporate reliable restaurant patio seating, flexible event rental space, outdoor work or meeting space, and more.

Nearly endless patio shelter customization potential

Make a unique style statement with a pergola design that complements your home’s architecture or business theme. Create a design ranging from rustic to classic or modern, choosing from many color options or faux wood wrap. Integrated accessories like lighting, ceiling fans, infrared patio heaters, and motorized screens and curtains ensure comfortable, reliable year-round use. We offer pergolas for any size space, from small 12×12 portable cabanas with no maximum size.

Aluminum pergolas outlast cloth and canvas patio awnings

Canvas awnings fade, stain, and tear with regular use. StruXure louvered patio covers are built and warranted to last a lifetime, featuring a fully extruded powder-coated aluminum frame that will not rust, rot, or warp, even in harsh poolside and marine environments. They require only the occasional hosing or wipe-down to keep them looking their best.


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