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Instead of Eating Out, Eat Outside!

This article was published on 7/16/2018   and updated on 3/22/2022

Are you one of the many families shying away from indoor restaurant dining due to an ever-bloating food budget and COVID concerns? Even before rising inflation drove restaurant menu pricing to record levels, eating out cost a pretty penny, especially for those feeding a family. Why not jump off the restaurant bandwagon? Instead of eating out, eat outside in your own backyard.

Enjoy Cheaper, Healthier Meals in Your Outdoor Kitchen & Dining Space

Home-cooked meals cost less and are more nutritious than restaurant food. Instead of spreading yourself thin with frequent restaurant meal purchases, you could save money while increasing the quality of family downtime at home, building up your family unit nutritionally and emotionally in a new outdoor kitchen and dining space. Preparing and enjoying food together outdoors is a great bonding activity – especially when that time is enjoyed in a beautiful outdoor kitchen and dining space.


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Reduce Monthly Food Expenses & Save Time Cooking Outdoors

Planning meals in advance makes outdoor cooking and dining a breeze. Weekly or bi-monthly shopping allows you to take advantage of sales and select the freshest, tastiest produce. Easily control portion size and ingredients, making substitutions based on preferences, food allergies, and health goals, choosing high-nutrient-value foods over mass-produced, fat and sugar-filled, cookie-cutter restaurant fare. Keep a weekly menu on a kitchen dry erase or chalkboard, thawing food as needed, enabling fast, 10–30-minute meal prep – less time than it takes to drive to and wait for food at dine-in and carryout food establishments.

Reduce Prep & Cleanup Work by Grilling Out

Today’s latest gas, infrared, and smart grilling technology makes weeknight grilling a snap. Cook for carnivores, vegans, and persistently picky eaters, easily managing custom dinner plates on your grill. Cleanup is fast and easy with far less prep and little to no need for pots and pans. Simply marinade, rub, or add a little oil and seasoning, and you’re on your way to a simply delicious dinner.

Enjoy Tastier Meals

Instead of mindlessly scarfing down a meal while staring at a screen, dining outdoors in nature makes you more attuned to the environment. The beauty of nature keeps you in the present moment, aware of the things going on around you – including the flavor of your outdoor feast.

Boost Immunity & Mental Health Simply by Dining Al Fresco 

Numerous studies show the stress-reducing benefits of spending time in natural, green spaces. Being outdoors is a natural mood booster, improving digestion. Awe-inspiring sights ground you in the present, helping you release tension surrounding past and future challenges. This space allows you to mentally and emotionally recharge, reducing blood pressure, heart rate, and cortisol levels – the hormone marker used to measure stress. Sunlight exposure boosts Vitamin D production, offering added protection against depression, heart disease, cancer, stroke, osteoporosis, and more, supporting a healthier body better able to ward off colds, flu, and serious illness.


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Start a New Family Tradition in Your Outdoor Kitchen & Dining Space

Studies show kids who eat at home are healthier, happier, perform better in school, and engage in fewer risky behaviors. Spending time together preparing, cooking, and enjoying the fruits of your collective efforts helps you stay connected. It offers the ideal opportunity to pass on family traditions and create new ones, from interesting ancestral stories to family recipes.

Open up to the advantages of eating outside. Reinvest your restaurant dining budget into a new, family-friendly outdoor kitchen and dining space. Enjoy the benefits of outdoor cooking and dining in any weather beneath the comfort of a louvered pergola. Contact StruXure of Denver, at 303-505-6669 for a complimentary residential pergola design consultation today.

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