Is a gas or electric patio heater better for my outdoor space? Uncover the benefits and drawbacks of each of these patio heating options, including performance, efficiency, affordability, and ease of integration into your residential pergola design. Whether you choose gas or electric, patio heaters allow you to enjoy your patio or deck into the winter months, blending seamlessly into your outdoor living space design.

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Gas Patio Heaters

Gas patio heaters are ideal for use with StruXure louvered pergolas. Open on all four sides, StruXure pergolas offer ample ventilation, with no risks of carbon monoxide issues.

  • Gas patio heater performance
    Natural gas (NG) and liquid propane (LP) offer similar heat outputs, producing heat the same way a fire does, by convection (warming the air) and radiation (transferring heat directly to people/objects).
  • Efficiency of gas patio heaters
    Gas heaters can really pump out heat, however, convection heat is less efficient than radiant heat, escaping quickly on open patios and decks.
  • Installing natural gas vs. liquid propane patio heaters
    The choice between NG and LP is determined by what is available in your area. What are the differences between the two?

    • Liquid propane
      LP heaters are easy to integrate into your patio design. Most LP heaters are completely portable, hiding fuel tanks within. Simply attach your heater to the tank and go.
    • Natural gas
      If it’s available in your area, you may prefer NG. Professional installation is necessary to run fuel lines to NG heaters safely. Though initial setup costs more, NG heaters are more efficient, and you’ll never have to worry about refilling tanks.
  • Affordability of gas patio heaters
    Gas heaters cost less to purchase than electric heaters, with installation costs varying depending on LP (which typically costs less than electric heaters to install) or NG (which costs more).
  • Gas patio heater maintenance
    Gas heaters should be covered when not in use and kept free of blockages (leaves, insects), which can impact operation. Gas heaters also require annual service from a pro to check for performance and carbon monoxide leaks.


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Electric Patio Heaters

Electric patio heaters such as those by Infratech Comfort are favored for use with StruXure residential pergolas. They come in many shapes, sizes, and capacities, offering control by remote, mobile app, switches, or timers.

  • Electric patio heater performance
    Outdoor electric heaters instantly give off infrared radiant heat, warming objects directly, much like the sun, without heating the surrounding air.
  • Efficiency of electric patio heaters
    Electric heat is a more efficient way of producing heat than combustion, converting 100% of energy consumed into usable heat. Electric heaters are also better at warming enclosed spaces. Unlike convection heat, which dissipates, radiant, directional heat from electric heaters delivers superior performance and efficiency in open outdoor spaces.
  • Installing electric patio heaters
    Electric heaters can be seamlessly integrated into your pergola design or mounted on a nearby wall. However, they require professional installation to guard against electrocution and fire risks in the outdoor environment.
  • Affordability of electric patio heaters
    Electric patio heaters cost slightly more than LP heaters but less than NG heaters.
  • Electric patio heater maintenance
    No professional maintenance is necessary with an electric heater, simply keep it clean.

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