Smart home technology is on the rise in homes nationwide, and Arcadia adjustable shade pergolas are joining the party. Alongside appliances, thermostats, and lighting, now your pergola too can be easily adjusted via smartphone.

Customized Programmability

More than a sensor, iLouver incorporates meaningful technology into enhancing the operation of StruXure’s signature pergola, takings its sun, shade, and shelter adjustments to a whole new level. How smart is the new tech, exactly? The expansive additional programming options offer a variety of new ways for you to program your pergola.

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  • Pre-set 4 angles from which to position pergola louvers.
  • Program your pergola roof to open or close at certain times of the day, based on pre-set positions.
  • Re-open your pergola to its last known position.
  • Set iLouver tech to automatically open or close your pergola based on weather conditions, such as rain and wind with optional sensors.
  • Deflect the sun’s rays into or out of your home, depending on weather, for added warmth or to cut down on cooling costs.
  • Trust in iLouver tech to protect your pergola by engaging “hurricane mode” when excessive winds are detected, overriding all functions for free airflow through the structure.


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Useful and Energy Efficient

In addition to convenience, the adoption of smart technology throughout your home from your pergola to appliances, heating, cooling, and lighting offers added opportunity for energy savings, both on the home level and worldwide. Employed on a large scale worldwide, such smart tech could lower total primary residential energy consumption by as much as 10%, circumventing the release of up to 100 million tons of CO2 emissions. And to think, reaping these savings is as simple as picking up your smartphone. Download the free iLouver app by Arcadia, available in the Apple and Google Play stores, and put ultimate control of your outdoor living environment in the palm of your hand today.

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