It’s no surprise why home and business offices are undergoing an evolution and migrating to the outdoors. Research shows those who spend time outdoors are far happier, healthier and more productive than those whiling their work hours away indoors in a cramped corner of the house. How can you capitalize on your unused outdoor space, adding a functional, usable outdoor office area that nets amazing results?

Tips for Creating a Scenic, Functional Outdoor Office Space:


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  1. Consider Your Ideal Office Location
    If you have an existing deck or patio space, transforming it to an outdoor office is easy. For those working with a blank canvas, even the tightest space can incorporate an outdoor office design, adding a covered patio or deck to existing green space, on the rooftop, balcony, or even within existing pool enclosures. Unused side yard? This setup offers unique opportunities to create a more private, distraction-free space. Have a family? A double-duty space may better serve you, with built-in storage/cabinets for safely storing office essentials when not in-use, keep items safe from kids and pets, and better delineate work/home life.
  2. Don’t Overlook the Importance of Surroundings
    The ideal office location should include a view of trees, plants or other greenery. A drab, concrete wall in a dusty, barren backyard will not make for a satisfying outdoor work experience. In addition to visual aspects, it’s also essential to consider the safety of placing your office space in areas near grass or foliage that will require irrigation. Outdoor work typically involves paper and electronic technology, and these things do not mix well with water.
  3. Create an All-Season Oasis
    Ensure the year-round use of your outdoor office, no matter the weather, with the right shelter solution: One that provides access to beautiful sky views when you want them, and leak-free protection from the elements. With the 170-degree rotational flexibility of the Arcadia adjustable aluminum pergola, all the comforts of an indoor office space are available with the click of a remote control button. Overworked and overthinking? Add the latest in wind and rain sensing technology for on-demand weather response via pre-programmed iLouver app settings.
  4. Include the Right Bells & Whistles

Personalize your outdoor office space with amenities that boost comfort and function…


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  1. Electricity & Lighting
    To power computers and other necessary office electronics, proximity to safe, GFCI protected outdoor electrical outlets is key. Task lighting is also essential.
  2. Internet Access
    A simple and inexpensive Wi-Fi signal booster may be all it takes to expand your existing coverage range.
  3. Ergonomic Accommodations
    Integrate comfortable, fatigue-reducing furniture and counter space. Chasing down files that blew off a tray table and rubbing your aching back after hours on a cheap plastic lawn chair will work against you. Invest in your health and sanity.
  4. Convenience Additions
    Adding a waste basket, coffee maker or mini-fridge can help you avoid making time-wasting trips indoors.
  5. Screens
    Motorized screens are an ideal solution for keeping pests at bay, and providing additional shade protection when the angle of the sun creates glare on device screens.
  6. Outdoor Curtains
    For those times when you need a little extra quiet and privacy – or you’re just trying escaping the family to work.
  7. Comfort Control
    Add fans to feel up to 30 degrees cooler in summer weather under the shade of your pergola. Consider a fireplace, fire pit or infrared patio heater for warmth on wintry days.
  8. Safe Storage
    If you’re storing office equipment outdoors, weather and pest-proof storage is a must to protect expensive equipment. This addition can also reduce setup times and boost productivity.

Take advantage of all the outdoors has to offer while still completing your work. Discover new ways to reinvent your home office space with the help of Denver Pergola Systems today.

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