Renovating your outdoor living space can be an exciting time. You may be surprised at the variety of patio shelter options available, including stationary and adjustable roof designs. Should you opt for a patio with a roof or a louvered pergola? Understanding key differences between these structures will help you achieve the atmosphere you’re looking for.

Fixed Roof Patio Shelter

Fixed roof patio shelters, sometimes called verandas, attach to your home, serving as a transitional space between indoors and out. They feature a fixed, closed roof supported by several posts. Verandas often wrap around the building and feature a partial glass enclosure, offering a narrow seating area accessible from many points in the house. In decades past, before modern air conditioning, these outdoor patio structures provided a more comfortable place to relax in hot weather than interior rooms, offering improved ventilation compared to closed-off portions of the home.


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Modern Louvered Pergolas

A pergola with motorized louvers features cross beams that rest upon pillars and a slatted roof that rotates open and closed. This modern aluminum interpretation of the traditional, open, lattice-style wood pergola design is more versatile, durable, and low maintenance than its predecessors. It is available in many color and style options, from sleek and modern to rustic and traditional faux wood designs. Unlike fixed roof structures, adjustable pergolas provide access to sun, shade, ventilation, and drip-free shelter from the rain with the click of a button.

Louvered roof systems from StruXure can be custom designed in any size and configuration, whether you’re looking for patio shelter that wraps around your home, offers protection over a nearby deck or patio, or the privacy of a freestanding structure in a quiet corner of your yard. Unlike narrow verandas, they’re wide enough to host family meals. Durable aluminum construction makes them safe for use with BBQ grills, patio heaters, and fire pits. Outfitted with built-in lighting, infrared heaters, fans, outdoor TVs and speakers, motorized screens, and curtains, they offer year-round comfort and functionality.

Fixed or Flexible? You Decide

While both verandas and pergola-style patio roof systems offer functional patio shelter, only adjustable pergolas give you access to sunlight and sky views in addition to providing reliable shade and precipitation protection. Motorized adjust with the touch of a button, allowing you to enjoy your space through every season, from the hottest summers to the coldest winters, standing up to whatever weather Denver throws your way.


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