Is your patio shade dangerous? Unsuspecting homeowners who impulse buy patio umbrellas often do not realize how useless – and hazardous – they are in the Denver area microclimate. Umbrellas result in thousands of injuries each year, from serious injuries to minor wounds that often go unreported.

A Burst of Wind Can Turn a Patio Umbrella Into a Dangerous Projectile

Most people remain ignorant of umbrella dangers, failing to realize the problems of backyard patio umbrellas until a sudden gust of wind sends one flying. When they sail off into the sunset, the best-case scenario is chasing an umbrella through the neighborhood; the worst case, injury to unsuspecting children or elderly neighbors in the wrong place after an umbrella has been launched.

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Umbrella Injuries Are No Laughing Matter

Patio, beach, and rain umbrella injuries occur more often than people realize. Statistics from the Consumer Product Safety Commission indicate over 32,000 umbrella-related injuries nationwide between 2009-2018. Though many of these injuries are minor, some are quite grisly. People have been impaled, lost eyes, suffered brain injuries, and died as a result of flying umbrellas. Because of the frequency and severity of umbrella injuries, studies surrounding their dangers are growing as industries, and national safety groups seek to prevent umbrella-related events.

A Safer Alternative Patio Shade

Because the jet stream filters strong winds through the Colorado mountains and foothills quite frequently, patio umbrellas are a poor solution for sun and rain protection on your patio. Fortunately, alternatives exist that can manage all the perils of the area climate. StruXure adjustable louvered pergolas are one of the safest backyard shelter solutions on the market, built to survive:

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  • High, gusty mountain winds
    Constructed of high-tensile, fully-extruded aluminum, StruXure home pergolas are can easily manage Denver area weather. Structure aluminum pergolas provide the ultimate in weather protection, engineered to withstand hurricane-force winds, heavy snow loads, sleet, and hail, remaining safe and secure.
  • Pop-up thunderstorms & frequent hail
    It is fast and easy to adjust the louvers on your custom aluminum pergola when pop-up thunderstorms chase away the sun. Once louvers are closed, you’ll enjoy leak-free rain protection as the built-in gutters shuttle water away from your patio. With a lightweight but tough design, aluminum pergolas can even stand up to hail, retaining their beauty.
  • Harsh ultraviolet rays
    Colorado’s high altitude sun can quickly destroy unprotected structures and furnishings. With an Akzo Nobel powder-coated finish, StruXure aluminum pergolas can stand up to the harshest outdoor conditions, lasting as long as your home and protecting furnishings housed beneath.

In addition to standing up to the rigors of the Denver area climate, StruXure custom aluminum pergolas also offer smart pergola operation, allowing you to adjust pergola louvers via your smartphone or tablet to respond to changing weather conditions. On the go? Incorporate built-in wind or rain sensors into your motorized pergola system for on-demand response.   

Ensure safe shelter in your backyard with an aluminum louvered pergola. Contact Denver Pergola System to learn more about adding functional, versatile, secure shelter to your patio space today.

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