Do you love spending time in your garden but wish you had a bit of shade to shield you from the harsh Denver sun? Ensure comfort throughout the day with a small garden pergola. Pergolas provide the perfect focal point, adding a feel of luxury that elevates your garden design. The ambiance of a pergola never goes out of style, adding beauty and versatility to your home.

How to Incorporate a Pergola Into Your Garden

You can use pergolas in small gardens in many ways, such as:

  • Over a patio for shade, rain protection, and privacy
  • Tucked next to your home to extend your living space and create a garden transition
  • Pathway protection in a prime location or extending the length of your garden
  • Beside a fence as a focal point for framing a fountain or prized plants
  • As a transition from one garden area to another

Flexible louvered roof pergolas from StruXure Denver allow you to make the most of any season. Simply adjust louvers to control the amount of light and ventilation beneath your pergola, enjoying access to sunlight, shade, rain protection, or privacy with the push of a button. Our garden pergolas provide optimal comfort in any weather.


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Enhance Your Garden Design with Easy-Care Aluminum Pergolas

Unlike bulky wooden pergolas, which require frequent staining and maintenance to prevent rot and pest infestation, StruXure aluminum pergolas require minimal care. Our small pergolas feature a durable, fully extruded frame that withstands Denver area weather without rusting, rotting, or warping. Choose from popular residential pergola models that integrate beautifully into any landscape:

  • The Cabana X, our small, portable 10×10 pergolas, requires no permit.
  • The Pivot 6, our highly customizable, permanent pergolas – a homeowner favorite!

Tips for Incorporating an Adjustable Pergola Into Your Garden Design

  • Choose a simple small pergola
    To avoid overwhelming your garden, choose a pergola design large enough for practical use but less than 25% of your garden’s size.
  • Accessorize for enhanced comfort and privacy
    Built-in lighting, ceiling fans, and infrared patio heaters allow you to enjoy your garden 24/7, 365. Motorized screens enhance privacy, sunlight, and weather protection.
  • Carefully consider pergola placement
    Consider what you will see as you walk through our rest beneath your pergola, using placement to create an enchanting view or accent key features. Ensure you don’t block the flow of your garden design.
  • Place your pergola in the sunniest spot
    Our louvered pergolas allow you to take advantage of sunlight in cooler months while offering protection during the summer heat, extending your outdoor living enjoyment.
  • Add color and visual interest with hanging baskets
    Hanging baskets are an excellent way to blend your pergola into the landscape, provided you avoid aggressive climbers that can impact movable components.
  • Plant around the base
    Large potted arrangements, bushy plants, and shrubs are a great way to anchor your pergola into the garden design.
  • Incorporate a gas fire pit for comfort and ambiance
    Fire pits and adjustable aluminum pergolas work well together, offering a safe space to incorporate the welcoming glow of a fire.

Create the Ultimate Garden Escape with a Home Pergola

Enhance your landscape and boost outdoor enjoyment with a small garden pergola. Contact StruXure Denver at 303-500-6669 to schedule a design consultation or take advantage of our 3D rendering services, which are available at a nominal fee today.
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