Are you considering a Hanso louvered pergola kit to save money? DIY pergola kits aren’t for everyone. There are many reasons to avoid the Hanso louvered pergola kit: The Ikea of pergolas. Beyond common pergola installation hassles involving tools and manpower, why should you be wary?

With Home Pergolas, You Get What You Pay For

Hanso products boast a Swedish design. However, where they’re manufactured remains in question, with their budget pricing pointing to Chinese origin. Though Hanso touts its low motorized pergola price courtesy of direct-to-consumer sales and DIY assembly, comparing its pergola kits to Ikea furnishings, Ikea products aren’t known for their quality, craftsmanship, or easy assembly. In addition to obtaining the necessary HOA and permitting approval, you’ll need at least one helper and the tools, skills, and space to accomplish the job, which includes moving awkward and heavy structural pieces and precisely placing and fastening dozens of overhead louvers after muscling components into place. What do customers think of the experience? Reviews outside the Hanso website stray to one end of the spectrum or the other, with Better Business Bureau ratings, with which the company is not affiliated, overwhelmingly negative.


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Hanso Pergolas Aren’t as Well Made as StruXure Pergolas

Hanso aluminum pergolas feature a powder-coated 6005 T5 medium structural alloy design that is lower in quality than StruXure’s AkzoNobel powder-coated fully extruded 6063 T6 aircraft-grade aluminum frame. Unlike the StruXure Pivot line, which is built to meet the demands of heavy Denver snow loads, Hanso pergolas can manage just 8.2 pounds per square foot of snow. The Hanso kit’s resistance to “near hurricane-force winds’ ‘ up to 62 mph also doesn’t compare to StruXure’s pergolas, which withstand hurricane-force winds up to 145 mph. These deficiencies likely impact the Hanso pergola kit’s ten-year limited warranty against manufacturer defects, which doesn’t measure up to StruXure’s transferable limited lifetime warranty coverage.

Hanso Pergola Kits Offer Limited Design Options

When you order a pergola with adjustable louvers from Hanso, your options are limited to freestanding 10×10, 10×13, and 13×19-foot sizes with a standard height of 8.2 feet. The company suggests you can cut the legs to shorten the pergola – but notes this voids the warranty. Color choice is likewise limited to dark grey or white. StruXure pergolas give you more options, including freestanding or attached designs custom-sized to your deck or patio’s exact footprint with no maximum. Choose from beige, bronze, adobe, white, black, or grey powder coating, faux wood wrap, custom-cut ends, cornice facades, cap and base trim, and architectural columns to complement your home’s architecture or landscape design scheme.

StruXure Offers More Pergola Accessories to Help You Extend Use and Maximize Comfort


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 StruXure motorized louvered pergolas offer an extensive selection of integrated pergola accessories to enhance pergola use and enjoyment:

    • Strip lights or recessed lights
    • Ceiling fans
    • Infrared patio heaters
    • Motorized screens and curtains
    • Speakers
    • Outdoor TV mount
    • Outlets
    • Solar or electric power
    • Remote control or Somfy MyLink app smartphone operation
    • Voice control and home automation capability
    • Integrated rain, wind, and freeze sensors

Don’t Settle for a Pergola Kit that Requires You to Phone a Friend

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