What’s the key to designing the ultimate outdoor living space>? Being yourself. Outdoor livings spaces are as unique as those who own them, ranging from bedrooms to bar rooms. By looking a little deeper into yourself, you can create the perfect space to maximize your outdoor living enjoyment.

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Common Outdoor Patio Cover Designs

What’s the perfect inside-out twist for your home or lifestyle?

  • Outdoor Living Room
    Entertain outside all year long with an outdoor living space complete with comfy seating and tables, big-screen TV, fans, fireplace or firepit, and the latest in popular outdoor accessories, creating a welcoming gathering place for friends and family.
  • Outdoor Bedroom
    Yearning to wake up to the birds chirping? Connect with nature with an indoor-outdoor bedroom and ‘glamp’ in your backyard. Don’t want to go full-on bedroom? Incorporate a hammock or futon into your outdoor living or dining space for a more multifunctional design.
  • Outdoor Kitchen/Dining
    Don’t just haul dining fare out to the grill. Take the entire cooking process outside, kicking it up a notch with an outdoor kitchen and dining area. Add an open-flame barbecue, pizza oven, or an entire kitchenette with ample counter space and seating.
  • Outdoor Bar
    Have a glass in style and comfort in your own uniquely-themed outdoor bar space with a built-in fridge, blender, flat-screen, and conversation-inspiring seating, stocking your shelves with your favorite libations.
  • Ensuring the Longevity of Your Dream Design
    While your personal style may be ‘understated,’ throwing a couch on the lawn or a cheap plastic table and chairs on the porch does not make for an ideal outdoor space. Comfort is a must, as your monetary investment will become nothing more than a picture window without it, and all items able to withstand Denver sun, wind, afternoon showers without falling apart or mildewing. Ensure a lasting design by decking out your deck or patio with…
  • Materials that Last
    Furnishings and accessories must be engineered to withstand outdoor conditions. Aluminum, PVC, and plastic require minimal maintenance and resist rust. Steel and wrought iron also offer sturdy options, but may require a weatherproof finish to avoid rust. Wood is also sturdy, but will require regular maintenance and preservation. Rattan and wicker likewise require regular weatherproofing. And mildew and stain resistant fabrics are a must: Cushion air vents, solution-dyed acrylics and spun polyesters are ideal.

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  • Items that are Carefully Constructed
    Don’t be remembered for the party where Grandma obliterated the chair or the wine refrigerator went up in a puff of smoke. Look to quality-constructed materials: Leave wobbly furnishings by the wayside for the comfort and safety of guests, and don’t skimp on appliances – those not outdoor-certified are a disaster waiting to happen.
  • A Shelter that Can Take What Denver Dishes
    Ensure year-long use of your outdoor living space with the shelter of a pergola for trusted rain protection and shade. Built for the harshest environments including heavy snow loads and hurricane-force winds, StruXure aluminum pergolas offer the ultimate in comfort and flexibility-of-use. Fully-adjustable louvers provide 170-degrees of rotation, allowing you to dial-in just the right amount of sun, shade, or built-in, leak-proof rain protection. Choose from an array of customizable accessories perfectly suited to your space, from lighting and fans, to privacy and pest protection via retractable, motorized screens. Incorporate built-in rain and wind sensors, pairing with iLouver smart-device-driven operation for the ultimate in outdoor protection for all of your accouterments.

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