Rental listings experiencing high competition on the market? Looking to make a little more from your monthly rental price? Outdoor living space adds extra square footage, while increasing the functionality and curb appeal of your rental.

What Amenities Could Have Tenants Setting their Targets on Your Property?

Outdoor amenities are highly desired by renters. Properly designed, a comfortable, inviting outdoor living space can peak the interest of potential tenants, making a great ‘drive-by’ advertisement for your place. How can you ensure an outdoor living space that snags a sale and keeps good tenants where you want them, in your home?

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    • A Great Greenspace
      Yes, a lush, green lawn is work, but it is also an effective way to entice top-notch tenants, who take pride in their property. It makes them think of a place they can play sports with the kids, and soak-up the sun with a good book. Adding pretty perennials and easy-care shrubs further adds to the ambiance, helping your space standout. Concerned about losing your investment? Include a lawn service as part of the rental package.
    • Kitchens with ‘Flair’
      Adding a permanent grill fixture to single family dwellings makes outdoor cooking space part of the property, helping your outdoor kitchen feel like more of an asset rather than a lone barbecue left behind. Also ideal for multifamily properties, built-in grills create a great gathering space, helping instill a sense of community. With the green light from zoning, a fire pit can also add to the ambiance here, offering prime real estate for roasting hot dogs or marshmallows for s’mores.
    • Stellar Seating
      Stylish but durable seating, made to withstand tenant use over time, offers prime real estate for relaxing. Choose classic options touring tenants can easily envision themselves in, enjoying a cup of coffee or glass of wine, such as sturdy wrought iron, or wood, park-style picnic tables and benches.


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  • Great Lighting
    Nothing says ‘creepy’ like a shadowy outdoor space. Proper lighting is essential after dark, from task lighting for grilling, to security and ambient lighting that allows for a safe and fun time after sunset.
  • Pergola Protection
    To cover all of your great amenities, a buzzworthy outdoor living spaces offers flexible, all-weather use. Providing added square footage to tenants year-round, the flexibility of adjustable aluminum pergola technology really sets your rental home apart, providing reliable, multi functional space. With an adjustable aluminum pergola, residents can make the most of outdoor space in any weather, rotating louvers up to 170-degrees to gain access to the sun, seek afternoon solace in the shade, or quickly engage leak-free rain protection. Built to withstand hurricane-force winds and extreme environments, the powder-coated surface of adjustable pergolas is built to last, requiring little to no annual maintenance, making them a property manager’s friend.

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