Daylight savings time is rapidly drawing to a close. Is your outdoor living space outfitted for the change? Illuminate your yard with a brightly lit StruXture adjustable aluminum pergola, helping your patio shine beneath these brilliant pergola lighting additions. 

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6 Ways to Illuminate Your StruXture Adjustable Aluminum Pergola

  • Task Lighting
    • Built-In LED Lights
      Recessed ‘pot lights’ are a sleek addition to your StruXture adjustable aluminum pergola, delivering brilliant task lighting to your outdoor living space. Paired with advanced LED bulb technology, they offer added functionality. Dim bulbs, alter bulb color, or time illumination. Programmable via smartphone operation or Alexa/Siri/Google voice command, enjoy multiple outdoor options, ensuring adequate light for cooking, setting the mood for a romantic dinner, or adding a fun and colorful ambiance to outdoor events. 
    • Ceiling Fan with Lighting
      An outdoor ceiling fan with built-in lighting is an excellent addition to any outdoor living space. Multifunctional, they provide year-round task lighting and relief from the heat in the summer. Like LED bulbs, many of today’s outdoor ceiling fan options offer remote control or smart operation for ease-of-use.
  • Ambient Lighting

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    • Rope Lights
      Rope or strip lights in a single shade such as red or blue can lend an otherworldly glow to your outdoor living space. Carefully tuck them around the perimeter of your pergola for an out-of-this-world ambiance.
    • Fairy Lights or Curtain Lights
      The soft glow of fairy lights adds a welcoming ambiance within and without the pergola space. Easily installed, choose from solar and electric with remote control options, including light sequencing and color-changing features. Carefully suspend on pergola beams, taking care lights do not interfere with the rotation of pergola louvers.
    • Outdoor Chandeliers
      Over an outdoor dining table where height isn’t a concern, a wired or battery-powered outdoor LED chandelier or candelabra can create an inviting, romantic atmosphere.
  • Multifunctional Lighting
    • Fireplace or Fire Pit
      Many overlook a fire feature for lighting effects during the darker days of fall and winter. This versatile addition can provide warmth, an inviting ambiance, and depending on fire feature size and proximity, varying levels of illumination. A popular addition for the cooler months, there are many options for a variety of budgets and styles. Choose from large built-in fireplace centerpieces, chimineas ideally suited to corner locales, and affordable and portable gas-powered fire pit tables that are easy to retire in the off-season.

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