When shopping for louvered roof systems, you have many options. Understanding the differences between competing products is essential to finding the outdoor shelter solution that’s perfect for you. How do Dura Classic pergolas compare to StruXure motorized pergolas? In this installment, we’ll uncover the key differences between these popular home pergola options.

Common Benefits of StruXure and Dura Classic Louvered Pergolas

The StruXure Pergola X model line and Dura Classic residential pergolas from Terra Summer have many things in common. Each louvered roof system adjusts on demand to provide precise sun, shade, shelter, and ventilation control. Both brands feature an integrated gutter system, ensuring drip-free rain protection. StruXure and Dura Classic pergolas both feature a custom-sized extruded aluminum frame built to withstand high winds and snow loads. However, key structural, operational, and design features, as well as product warranty, set these pergola brands apart.


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Dura Classic Motorized Pergolas At-a-Glance

  • Manufacturer: Canada-based Terra Summer provides DIY pergola kits in the US and Canada. They’ve been providing custom home pergolas in North America for over ten years and have a high customer satisfaction rating.
  • Structure: Terra Summer offers two models similar to the StruXure home pergola line. The Dura Classic and larger Dura Classic XL. The Classic offers a maximum size of 13 x 16’8” for freestanding structures, 13 x 16’10” for attached with a 7-9 ft ceiling height. The Dura Classic XL offers a maximum size of 14’9” x 19’8” for freestanding structures and 14’9” x 19’9” for attached with a 7-10 ft ceiling height and the option of connecting multiple modules for larger designs.
  • Design options: Dura Classic motorized louvered pergolas include 3 standard and 9 custom colors – white, black, bronze, and nearly every shade of grey imaginable. The design is sleek and modern, with limited customization options outside of size and color.
  • Available accessories: Both pergola models offer similar accessory options to StruXure aluminum pergolas, including built-in lighting, privacy shutters, motorized screens, infrared heaters, and ceiling fans.
  • Operation: Terra Summer offers manual or motorized Somfy remote-controlled systems. Dura Classic pergola louvers rotate a maximum of 90 degrees, while the Dura Classic XL offers up to 115 degrees of adjustability. No weather-sensing technology is available.
  • Installation & warranty: Terra Summer’s website states a 2–3-day timeframe for DIY installations, including instructions and an assembly video. Warranty is limited to the original purchaser and does not apply to damage caused by inappropriate customer or unauthorized technician installation. It includes a 10-year aluminum parts warranty, a 2-year motor warranty, and a 2-year remote/automation warranty. Installation by a certified professional in waterproof boxes is required to preserve the electronics warranty. Paint discoloration or erosion is excluded.

StruXure Motorized Pergolas At-a-Glance

  • Manufacturer: US-based StruXure has been providing custom, professionally installed home pergolas since 2009 through authorized distributors. It held a spot on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies for seven consecutive years before its 2022 acquisition by AZEK Company Inc., a leading manufacturer of beautiful, low-maintenance, environmentally sustainable outdoor living products based in Chicago.
  • Structure: The StruXure Pergola X model line includes custom made to order pergolas from 12×12 to 12×20 single-zone Pivot 6 systems and multiple-zone systems with no maximum footprint, including the Pivot 6 XL and Pan 6, for more expansive designs. Eight-to-ten-foot heights are available depending on your precise installation parameters, considering the surrounding roofline/buildings, soffits, sun positioning, and built-in accessories, like fans and heaters. All pergolas feature a fully extruded aluminum construction, stainless steel fasteners, and architectural-grade powder coating, virtually eliminating maintenance.
  • Design options: Pergolas are available in white, black, grey, beige, bronze, adobe, faux wood, or custom shades. Create a sleek, modern look or a more traditional design with custom cut ends, cornice facades, cap and base trim, and architectural columns, crafting a unique design that perfectly complements your home and lifestyle.
  • Available accessories: StruXure and Terra Summer pergolas offer similar built-in accessories, including lighting, privacy shutters, motorized screens, infrared heaters, and ceiling fans. However, StruXure offers additional options, including built-in speakers, TV mounts, and rain/wind/freeze sensors allowing you to enjoy automated response to changing weather conditions.
  • Operation: StruXure louvered roof pergolas offer 170 degrees of adjustability, giving you maximum control of your outdoor living space. The patented pass-through technology of our 360-degree built-in gutter system delivers superior drainage performance. Operate the system with your choice of manual, electric, or solar power, including a wall mount or remote control, Somfy app programming from your smartphone, weather sensors, or your home automation system.
  • Installation & warranty: Our pergolas are made in America and installed by the outdoor living professionals at StruXure Denver, offering an industry-leading, transferable warranty, including:
    • Manually operating system: 10 years
    • Power components: 5 years
    • Support components (posts, gutters, louvers, beams): 15 years
    • Manufacturing: Lifetime


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Which is Better – StruXure or Dura Classic Pergolas?

For those in the market for a pergola that opens and closes, StruXure Pergola X louvered roof systems and Terra Summer’s Dura Classic model lines both offer similar weather protection and a quality design. However, multi-day DIY pergola installations aren’t for everyone, requiring tools, manpower, and skills, especially if you want to retain your warranty. Professionally installed StruXure pergolas take the headache out of home pergola installation, ensuring lasting use and warranty coverage – even transferring to your home’s next owner.

For homeowners looking for the ultimate in personalization and ease of use, StruXure pergolas stand apart, offering more design and accessory choices, including smart operation, home automation, and weather sensing technology. StruXure Denver, Denver’s exclusive StruXure dealer, offers unsurpassed customer service, ensuring no detail goes overlooked. Over the last decade, we’ve helped hundreds of homeowners across the region design and install pergolas. Our high customer satisfaction rating and top-notch online reviews reflect the quality of our products and services.

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