Are you struggling to envision a pergola in your garden space? A pergola structure provides much-needed shelter so you can enjoy your time outdoors without interruption by glaring sun, heavy rain, or snow. However, not just any pergola will do. Determining the right pergola style, size, and features takes time and planning to ensure the perfect fit for your needs. Considering these key pergola design factors will set you on the path to a lasting return on your pergola investment.

What’s the Purpose of Your Outdoor Garden Retreat?

Spending time in nature offers tremendous physical and psychological benefits. Repurposing unused backyard real estate into an outdoor escape is a worthwhile investment. StruXure outdoor pergolas provide all the comforts of home in your garden, allowing you to create the ideal outdoor environment to reap the benefits of Mother Nature. How will you transform your outdoor space?

  • Outdoor living room to gather with your family or friends
  • Outdoor dining or bistro area for enjoying tasty appetizers and refreshing cocktails
  • Outdoor reading nook to escape into a good book
  • Outdoor relaxation area that’s secluded and quiet
  • Outdoor exercise space to enjoy fresh air and nature


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How Can You Maximize Outdoor Pergola Use?

With a StruXure garden pergola, you can adjust louvers up to 170 degrees, creating the perfect space for any weather at the touch of a button. Open to feel the sun on your skin, close for leak-free rain protection, or dial-in the perfect amount of shade or ventilation. Built-in accessories like lighting, infrared heaters, ceiling fans, TV, and speaker mounts ensure year-round use. Motorized screens protect against rain, snow, wind, and the sun’s glare. Remote control or smartphone programming via the Somfy MyLink app make pergola operation a breeze – or integrate weather sensors for an on-demand response so you’ll never have to stop what you’re doing to ensure a comfortable outdoor experience.

How Will Your Pergola Fit into the Landscape?

Opening and closing pergolas work best when precisely fitted for your landscape. Our outdoor living design experts recommend marking furniture placement and ensuring ample space to move to get an idea about what size pergola you need. We’re here to help you achieve your dream garden pergola design, offering optional 3-D rendering services to bring your vision to life. Whether you choose an attached pergola design to reflect your home’s architecture or a whimsical, traditional-style freestanding pergola to serve as a garden focal point, StruXure has you covered, offering many pergola design options to meet your needs.

Cabana X Pergolas

These small, freestanding, 12×12 mobile pergolas offer limited design options but assemble quickly, requiring no permit.

Pivot 6 Pergolas

The fully customizable Pivot 6 is a home pergola favorite, offering made-to-order sizing and a wide array of colors and add-ons, including faux wood, custom-cut ends, and architectural columns to enhance your design.

Pan 6 Pergolas

Alternating fixed and louvered roof panels offers an ideal solution for more expansive garden pergola designs that don’t require an adjustable roof in all areas.


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