When people think of a pergola they usually think of a shaded structure where they can sit enjoying the afternoon breeze. Pergolas are great as shade structures. However, they should work equally as well as an outdoor extension of your indoor living space by providing not only shade, but protection from rain and snow as well.

Pergolas as added living space that compliments your architecture

Adding a pergola as a shade structure to the back of a house makes an immediate impact on the architecture of the house. The pergola or shade structure becomes a graceful, transition between a boring, rear house wall and the foliage of the garden. Using a pergola to transition in this way is also more economical than adding a covered patio to the house, which usually requires modification to your house structure and framing if it’s going to be accepted by your county’s building inspection division. Once the pergola is in place the options are varied. The pergola becomes a way to extend the outdoor season. Lighting placed up in the integrated gutters allow you to enjoy the yard at night. A fan provides comfort even during the most stifling summer afternoons.

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Pergolas are the perfect place for outdoor kitchens and entertainment. Build in some bench seating and the more the merrier! Use them to cover a hot tub. Then add climbing plants, or hang roll up shades to give them privacy. Use them as shade structures when it’s time to come in from the pool. Pergolas are perfect as a quiet place to retreat. Sip a cup of coffee before the day starts, or a glass of wine at sunset. Take a book outside to read without getting too hot.

Pergolas as a compliment or focal point

Design free standing pergolas to complement the landscape. Use them to make a space seem bigger, cover a walkway, or as a shade structure in a sunny corner of the garden.

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Use free standing pergolas as a focal point in the garden. They can frame a view, or add a pop of interest to an otherwise bland corner. Viewed from inside a house, Pergolas will draw the eye to stand out landscaping. Using a free standing pergola as a focus is also a practical way to shield a yard from surrounding buildings, or an uninspired view.

Pergolas are the perfect shade structure, but also so much more. Call or visit us online to discover the infinite possibilities of the Denver Pergola System.

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