Custom Patio Covers: When Off-the-Rack Won’t Work

Trying to fit a standard size patio cover into a space with a unique or irregular layout often creates more problems than it solves. As the awkward fit of off-the-shelf shelters snowball into installation, design and décor complications, you may find yourself wanting to employ the use of your hammer and saw for more… destructive endeavors. For many, standard sizes just don’t work. Custom patio covers are necessary for successful, visually and functionally integrated results.

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If It Can Be Done, It Will Be

With Arcadia adjustable aluminum pergolas, no installation is impossible, from narrow decks to massive patio spaces and even balcony and rooftop installations. Whether you need weather protection for a walkway, or added seating for your restaurant, all kits are custom made to your design needs and specifications. Simply provide us with your design, or explain your current conundrum and setting, and let our experience professionals design the perfect custom shelter for your space.

Forget Forcing One-Size-Fits-Most Solutions

Nix cookie-cutter fare in favor of a solution unique to your outdoor living space or branding needs…

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  • Customized Looks
    Choose from standard or custom colors, including faux wood wrap, adding columns or corbel ends for seamless transition into your existing space.
  • Personalized Features
    Add your choice of lighting, ceiling fans, patio heaters, outdoor television and stereo equipment, motorized screens and curtains, and more, creating the ideal environment for family or customer comfort.
  • Specialized Operation
    Dial-in your comfort level. Let the sun shine in or seal the rain out with the Arcadia’s unique design, featuring 170-degrees of pivoting flexibility and leak-proof rain and gutter protection. Choose from manual, remote control, or iLouver app-driven operation with added technology for on-the-fly, pre-programmed, or weather-driven response.
  • A Lifetime of Use
    Built with the unparalleled quality all Arcadia systems provide, including fully-extruded, low-maintenance aluminum construction; hurricane-proof design; pest-proof, rot-proof, and heat-reflective Akzo Nobel powder coating; and 360-degree built-in gutter system, our customized pergola systems are built-to-last, and backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

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