How can you create an outdoor space you and your family will want to spend time in? Many homeowners dream of enjoying their Denver porch or patio space, but find themselves uncomfortable, bored, or overwhelmed by the burdens of an area they perceive as unusable. The design professionals at Denver Pergola Systems know its possible to reinvent even the smallest, most bland space. To transform your backyard into a glorious retreat that beckons your family outdoors, follow these steps.

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Consider How You Want the Space to Function

How would you prefer to use your outdoor space? The elements you include in your porch or patio design should entice you to use your backyard. The options are nearly limitless. Popular choices include:

  • Outdoor kitchen and dining
  • Poolside cabana or bar
  • Quiet reading/relaxation space
  • Gardenside retreat
  • Outdoor game room

 Ponder a Zoned Outdoor Space

If you want to fill multiple needs and have space, a zoned design will allow you to add multiple features without overwhelming a single area. With a zoned design, you can create outdoor rooms (much like the layout within your home) featuring multiple spaces such as an outdoor kitchen, formal dining area, fireside relaxation space, and grassy area for play. This can also allow you to stage construction if you don’t have the budget to add all your preferred features at once.

Decide on Essential Elements for Your Design

After you decide how you want to use your space, what will you need to bring it to life? These crucial features are must-haves for any successful outdoor design:

  • Shelter
    The brutal sun of the Denver mountain region makes shelter a must-have addition for a functional outdoor space. StruXure aluminum louvered pergola systems help you make the most of every season, adjusting to the perfect amount of sun, shade, or rain protection. Paired with integrated ceiling fans and infrared heaters, you can ensure comfort all day and all year long.
  • Privacy
    For most homeowners, privacy on their porch or patio is a big concern. With customizable pergola accessories, you can outfit your custom aluminum pergola to meet the unique needs of your space, incorporating motorized privacy curtains or screens, sealing out nosy neighbors and flying pests.


Get Financing

  • Key Features
    Be sure to leave room in your budget to purchase key features like a grill, gaming table, fireplace, or pool. Comfortable furnishings you and your family will enjoy relaxing on, such as a plush sectional, cushioned chairs, outdoor daybed, or floor hammock, or also a must.

Consider the Strengths of Your Yard

Can you capitalize on an existing mountain view by clearing shrubbery or trees, or remedy a lackluster view with the addition of privacy wall, fencing, or landscaping? The more inviting and lovely the setting, the more you’ll indulge in your space.

Choose Landscaping with Care

Greenery will provide ongoing enjoyment, but maintenance and function depend on your selections. Native plants require less water and care than non-native varieties. Varied sizes and species, moving from low plants on the interior to tall shrubs and grasses along the perimeter, better showcases plants and makes your yard feel larger.


 To avoid an overwhelming feel, minimize your materials selections to two hardscaping choices and a single wood finish, choosing a harmonious color scheme that reflects the theme of your space.

Get the help you need creating a beautiful, functional outdoor space. Contact Denver Pergola Systems to learn more about our cutting-edge motorized home pergolas or schedule a complimentary design consultation today.

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