It’s time to finish your pergola design journey and bring your new, reinvented outdoor living space to life. In this last installment of our guide to planning a pergola installation, we’ll cover how to determine your final pergola cost, the pergola setup process, how to add the finishing touches to create a cohesive, inviting landscape design, and how to keep your pergola looking its best for years to come.

Determining Adjustable Pergola Cost

Pergola price goes hand in hand with motorized louvered roof quality, durability, and ease of installation. StruXure aluminum pergolas last a lifetime, unlike cheap box-store and DIY kits you’ll have to replace again and again. They’re backed with an industry-leading limited lifetime warranty, delivering maximum return on investment. Like other home improvement products, pergola cost is impacted by design size, accessory upgrades, and installation complexity. For a detailed quote, schedule a professional pergola design consultation with StruXure Denver, Denver’s exclusive StruXure pergola dealer. We’re licensed, insured, and highly rated, with hundreds of happy commercial and home pergola customers across the region. You can count on us for reliable estimates, accurate timetables, and stunning finished results.

Louvered Pergola Installation Process

Your adjustable louvered aluminum pergola is usually not the first thing installed. The proper succession is essential to avoiding damage and rework and includes:

  1. Obtaining the necessary permits
  2. Pouring footers and concrete slabs
  3. Adding decking, tile, pavers, and other hardscaping
  4. Installing built-ins (bars, countertops, pizza oven, fireplace, etc.)
  5. Pergola installation


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 When bringing your outdoor living design to life, communication is essential. Throughout the process, remain in touch with your chosen contractors to ensure all jobs are completed on time in the correct order.

Adding the Finishing Touches

Completing your outdoor living design doesn’t end with pergola installation. Now’s when you get to add even more personality to your space, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that mirrors your home’s interior or vibe that reflects your business’ brand image with:

Comfortable outdoor living furnishings

Pick up or ship your favorite furnishings. You’ll be enjoying your outdoor space for quite some time. Quality is important. Opt for comfort overall, whether you’re shopping for an outdoor sectional or dining table and chairs. Integrate needed storage with multifunctional benches and tables that can do double duty.

Outdoor appliances

Get that grill/smoker combo you’ve been longing for, keep cool drinks close by with an outdoor fridge, ensure you never miss a game with an outdoor flatscreen or set the mood with gas fire pit tables.


Outdoor rugs are a great way to pull your design together and anchor your seating arrangement. They also offer an easy way to change décor from season to season.

Pillows and throws

Like rugs, pillows and throws are a great way to add a pop of color and even more comfort and warmth. Storing them nearby in multifunctional storage tables and chairs ensures easy access without going indoors.

Landscaping additions

Make sure you incorporate fragile plants and ceramic planters last to prevent them from being trampled by construction or delivery personnel.

Always choose quality items designed for outdoor use to ensure they’ll stand up to the weather. Remember the mantra: Buy cheap, buy twice. Stick to your ‘must-have’ list and within dimensional limitations to avoid overcrowding later. If you have the space, move on to your ‘would like’ list. This is when the time you spent measuring for your mock-up will pay off, ensuring all the pieces fit together seamlessly.


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Pergola Maintenance

With a StruXure pergola, you can spend more time enjoying your outdoor space and less time maintaining it. Pergola care is simple. Keep the louver system and gutters clear of leaves.
Clean with a hose or gentle vinegar and water rinse, using a microfiber cloth when needed. Avoid scrubbing sponges and abrasive cleaners, which can wear down the powder coating. For greasy stains, use a mild-degreasing dish soap and cold-water rinse. A floor mop can help with hard-to-reach areas.

Pergola Warranty Coverage

In the rare instance you have problems with your pergola, you can trust that StruXure Denver has you covered. We’ve been around for years, providing fast, reliable warranty service for Colorado customers. Every product we install is built to the highest quality standards, ensuring you – and future owners – can enjoy the peace of mind of a well-constructed outdoor space.

Create an Outdoor Space You’ll Enjoy for Years to Come

Ensure a lasting pergola installation with help from StruXure Denver. Contact us at 303-500-6669 and start planning your outdoor living addition today.


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