Ready to incorporate an adjustable aluminum pergola into your outdoor living design? StruXure aluminum pergolas provide versatile shelter and withstand extreme weather, allowing you to enjoy your deck or patio year-round. However, prepping for your pergola is paramount, saving you from costly, time-consuming rework. Before adding this coveted outdoor living accessory, check out this complete guide to planning pergola installation. This simple, step-by-step process ensures you’ll achieve your dream outdoor living experience.

Advantages of a Louvered Roof You Won’t Get from Other Patio Shelter

A motorized louvered roof is unlike fixed-roof patio shelter solutions. Featuring a top with louvers or slats that open and close, rotating up to 170 degrees, StruXure pergolas provide unmatched comfort control, making them increasingly popular among savvy home and business owners. Dial in the ideal amount of sunlight, shade, or ventilation. When it rains or snows, close the louvers completely, allowing the integrated gutter system to direct rain and snow melt away from your outdoor living area, staying dry and comfortable.

Aluminum Pergola Construction, Durability, and Care

Unlike fabric canopies, wood pergolas, and cheaply made cookie-cutter kits, StruXure aluminum pergolas are built to last a lifetime. Each US-made unit features heavy-duty, fully extruded aluminum posts, beams, and a 0.093-inch-thick louver system with stainless steel fasteners. They withstand strong winds, heavy rain, snow, hail, and hurricane-force winds. Our pergolas are made from 50% recycled aluminum, which loses no characteristics when reused and are fully recyclable at end-of-use, reducing landfill waste. Premium powder coating provides enhanced protection in harsh marine and poolside environments. They will not rot, rust, warp, or house insects. CE and UL-certified motors are built to withstand extreme temperatures and high moisture environments without maintenance, and the pergola itself needs only occasional cleaning to remain clean and beautiful.


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Tips for Planning Your Pergola

An aluminum pergola is an excellent choice, and you may be excited to place your order. However, before the first contractor visits, we recommend having a clear picture of your dream outdoor living design.

Choose your outdoor living theme

Gather ideas from online or in magazines, considering what you would like to use your outdoor space for:

  • Outdoor kitchen and dining
  • Bistro area
  • Outdoor living room
  • Spa or poolside retreat
  • Game room or entertainment area
  • Garden centerpiece
  • Outdoor office/meeting space
  • Restaurant patio or bar
  • Zoned, multifunctional space

Gather information on zoning and HOA requirements

Find out HOA limitations, zoning requirements, setbacks, and pertinent drainage, electrical, plumbing, and fire codes to prevent fines and renovation hassles. Given your property’s unique footprint, zoning, and HOA limitations, what areas do you have to work with? StruXure Denver’s knowledgeable team knows local codes and excels in working with HOAs to ensure proper approval and no unwelcome surprises after pergola installation.

Consider size and location

Assess available views and orientation, taking into account how afternoon sun and prevailing wind could impact adjustable louvered aluminum pergola placement. How much space do you have to work with, and how can you reinvent unused space? The ideal area should be flat, level, and away from large trees and structures that could impact enjoyment. Could you take advantage of enhanced privacy in a side yard? Create a focal point in a blank space? Repurpose a large, unused area into multiple patio ‘rooms’ connected by landscaping or hardscaping? Looking behind the typical patio or deck design offers tremendous opportunities.

Mock-up your design

Create a ‘must-have’ and ‘would-like’ list, from appliances and furniture to fire features. Window shop items, noting dimensions. Using string or chalk, create a mock layout in the space, ensuring at least three feet of room for ease of movement around furnishings, doors, and walkways. Skipping this step often results in unintentionally cramped/vacuous spaces or awkward layouts. The goal is to ensure a proportional, functional design and determine the best pergola size for your needs.


Get Financing

  If this is your first outdoor living addition or you have a multi featured design in mind, consulting an outdoor design professional could be a wise investment, helping you prevent costly common mistakes. A pro can help you achieve a look that reflects your style, choosing colors and textures that best accent your home or business architecture and landscaping. StruXure Denver excels at working with outdoor living designers, offering optional 3-D rendering services to bring your dream design to life.

Up Next – Sizing & Outfitting Your Aluminum Pergola

You’re almost there! Achieve your dream outdoor living design with ease with help from StruXure Denver. Learn more about sizing and accessorizing your residential or commercial pergola in our next installment – or contact us at 303-500-6669 to get the assistance you need adding year-round usable square footage outdoors with an adjustable pergola today.


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