A pergola is an easy way to add curb appeal and turn unused green space into comfortable, usable square footage – but only if it can withstand a snowstorm. The Denver area gets around 56 inches of snow a year from October to May, which can cause problems for some pergolas as snow piles up. Accumulations that collapse one outdoor shelter may not affect another. How do you know if a pergola roof can handle heavy snow loads?

Look for Home Pergolas Built to a Higher Quality

We build our American-made louvered roof systems for reliable year-round use. StruXure’s durable aluminum pergolas outperform competing products, featuring a fully extruded aluminum frame, premium powder coating, stainless steel fasteners, and CE and UL-certified motors that can withstand the harsh Denver climate, including heavy snow loads and hurricane-force winds. StruXure’s built-in gutter system channels snow melt away, preventing leaks and keeping furnishings dry so you can enjoy your outdoor space in winter weather. Optional temperature-sensitive snow and freeze sensors prevent louvers from sticking together, protecting your pergola from damage.

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Lighten Your Load, Avoiding Snow Maintenance Headaches with StruXure Pergolas

Some outdoor shade structures need a lot of maintenance to make it through the winter. StruXure louvered pergolas do not. While your neighbors take down shade sails and awnings, deconstruct canvas-covered pergola roofs, strap on tarps, or clear snow from patio covers to prevent collapse, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenery beneath your home pergola’s built-in patio heaters while enjoying the snowfall.

Enjoy the Year-Round Benefits of Low-Maintenance, Versatile Patio Shelter

Take advantage of the best weather every season offers with StruXure residential pergolas, extending outdoor enjoyment. When the snow clears, and warmer spring weather marks the start of the outdoor season, open louvers and let the sunshine in. In the summertime, dial-in your ideal level of shade or quickly seal out rain showers with the click of a button. StruXure pergolas ensure a comfortable, inviting outdoor living area year-round.


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Create a Picture-Perfect Winter Scene Beneath Your Customizable, Cutting-Edge Pergola

We offer nearly limitless design options to perfectly complement your home and lifestyle. Choose from single and multi-zone freestanding and attached pergola systems in white, black, beige, bronze, adobe, gray powder coating, or faux wood grain. Accent your design with architectural columns or custom-cut ends. Deck it out with custom accessories, including built-in lighting, ceiling fans, infrared patio heaters, and motorized curtains for enhanced climate control and comfort. Opt for remote control, wall mount, or app-driven operation using Somfy technology, including home automation capability with integrated rain, wind, or freeze sensors for automatic response to changing weather.

Don’t Let a Snowy Day Weigh You Down

Reconnect with the magic of winter beneath a durable, low-maintenance StruXure pergola. Contact StruXure Denver at 303-500-6669 to learn more or to schedule a design consultation today.


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