As bioclimatic pergolas increase in popularity, you have many options to choose from for your home. Though similar in appearance, the devil is in the details when comparing adjustable pergolas. How do Azenco louvered pergola systems compare to StruXure pergolas? Understanding key differences between designs by these pergola manufacturers is essential to lasting happiness with your patio shelter investment.

Common Benefits of Azenco & StruXure Louvered Roof Systems

StruXure’s Pivot 6 and Cabana X outdoor pergolas and Azenco’s competing R-BLADE and K-BANA pergolas feature a louvered roof design that provides sun, shade, ventilation, and shelter on demand. Both manufacturers offer made-to-order freestanding or attached residential pergolas professionally designed and installed by authorized dealers. These American-made pergolas are available in custom sizes and configurations to perfectly fit your space, whether you’re looking for a portable freestanding cabana or a massive, multizone system for your large patio or deck. All models feature powder-coated aluminum with a built-in gutter system for drip-free rain protection. While the Cabana X and K-BANA accessory offerings and operation differ significantly, accessories and remote operation options for the Pivot 6 and R-BLADE are similar. Specific design differences and product warranties set these pergola brands apart.


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Azenco Louvered Roof Systems At-a-Glance

  • Manufacturer: Azenco began their outdoor shelter business by selling European pool enclosures in 1996. In 2011 they founded Azenco Group France, expanding to Spain in 2016. Azenco Outdoor was later established in Florida in 2017, followed by a manufacturing facility in Miami in 2019.
  • Structure: Azenco’s R-BLADE pergolas and K-BANAs have a sleek, seamless look. Their louvered roof systems boast construction with new aluminum despite this metal losing no physical or mechanical properties in recycling and requiring much more energy to produce. Like StruXure pergolas, Azenco pergolas are powder coated and available as attached or freestanding in custom sizing, with no maximum. The K-BANA, available in 8, 10, and 12-ft configurations, offers your choice of sliding/fixed/adjustable louvered walls but no power add-ons.
  • Weather readiness: Full-size pergolas from both manufacturers feature a built-in gutter system that handles heavy rain and a design built to withstand heavy winds. Both caution against operation in freezing temperatures to avoid system damage – however, use in heavy snow differs. Azenco recommends opening the pergola during heavy snowfall to limit snow accumulation and weight, along with an optional freeze sensor to open louvers and prevent buildup.
  • Design options: The K-BANA is available in white only. The customizable R-BLADE includes three standard color options: white, gray/bronze, and black. The R-BLADE also offers some customization with your choice of cornice ends, corbel ends, and risers, however, its large 14-inch outer beam and posts may not appeal to all buyers.
  • Available accessories: The R-BLADE offers similar options to the StruXure Pivot 6, including built-in lighting, ceiling fans, infrared heaters, automated screens, and optional wind, rain, and temperature sensors. Unlike StruXure’s Cabana X, the K-BANA offers no add-on accessories or power options.
  • Operation: The K-BANA offers manual operation only. R-BLADE operating choices mirror the StruXure Pivot 6, including optional weather sensors, remote control, adjustment via the Azenco app from any smart device, and popular home automation systems.
  • Installation & warranty: Azenco offers a 15-year warranty on the aluminum structure, a 5-year motor warranty, and a 3-year warranty on electrical components.

StruXure Louvered Roof Systems At-a-Glance

  • Manufacturer: StruXure has been providing professionally designed and installed luxury home pergolas since 2009 through authorized distributors, including StruXure Denver, Denver’s exclusive StruXure dealer. Its cutting-edge pergolas propelled it onto the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies for seven consecutive years. StruXure was acquired by Chicago-based AZEK Company Inc., a leading manufacturer of beautiful, low-maintenance, environmentally sustainable outdoor living products, in 2022, giving it new opportunities to stay at the forefront of creating versatile, green outdoor shelter.
  • Structure: pergolas feature a powder-coated, fully extruded aircraft-grade aluminum construction using 50% recycled metal. Recycled aluminum uses 95% less energy than new aluminum production, and the metal loses none of its characteristics, offering a more environmentally friendly patio shelter choice. StruXure’s Pivot 6 motorized pergolas include 12×12 ft to 12×20 ft custom-sized single-zone and multizone systems built to your precise parameters with no maximum footprint. The portable, 10×10 Cabana X requires no permit. It includes your choice of solid, slat, or decorative side panels and an adjustable footer for easy installation on uneven ground. Attaching multiple modules allows for easy expansion.
  • Weather readiness: Like Azenco’s louvered roof systems, StruXure pergolas are built to withstand heavy rain and hurricane-force winds. Premium powder coated offers lasting use even in the harshest marine and poolside environments. But where StruXure pergolas outshine the competition is during snowy weather. StruXure pergolas are built to handle heavy snow loads. The built-in gutter system channels snow melt away, keeping you and your furnishings dry. Optional snow and freeze sensors prevent louvers from sticking together, protecting your pergola from damage in sub-zero weather.
  • Design options: The Cabana X offers your preference of white, black, and faux wood color combinations. The Pivot 6 offers many standard color choices, including beige, bronze, adobe, white, black, grey, and faux wood. Personalization options, including custom-cut ends, cornice facades, cap and base trim, and architectural columns, allow you to achieve any design to complement your home or landscape theme, from sleek and modern to traditional.
  • Available accessories: The Pivot 6 offers similar options to the Azenco R-BLADE, including built-in lighting, ceiling fans, infrared heaters, motorized screens, and optional wind, rain, and freeze sensors. The Cabana X offers color-changing strip lighting, UV/privacy curtains, built-in couches, weather sensors depending on the model, as well as built-in power panels for flat screens and other electronics.
  • Operation: StruXure louvered roof pergolas offer more adjustability – up to 170 degrees. Unlike the manually operated K-BANA, the Cabana X provides remote or app-driven plug-and-play use. The Pivot 6 offers a variety of options, including manual, solar, or electric operation via wall mount, remote control, Somfy MyLink app using your smartphone or home automation system, or integrated weather sensors.
  • Installation & warranty: StruXure home pergolas are made in America and installed by StruXure Denver’s outdoor living experts. They’re covered by an industry-leading warranty that transfers even if you sell your home, including:
    • Transferable lifetime warranty on manufacturing
    • 15-year warranty on support components (posts, gutters, louvers, beams
    • 10-year warrant on manually operated
    • 5-year warranty on power components


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Which is Better – Azenco Pergolas or StruXure Louvered Roof Pergolas?

Azenco and StruXure pergolas both provide cutting-edge outdoor shelter. However, StruXure louvered pergola systems give you more, offering:

  • 170-degree louver rotation
  • More standard colors and design customization potential
  • Eco-friendly design using 50% recycled aluminum
  • Superior snow protection
  • A better warranty

For customers looking for a bioclimatic pergola that offers true year-round use, even in Denver area snowstorms, StruXure pergolas stand apart. And StruXure Denver, Denver’s exclusive StruXure dealer, ensures no detail goes overlooked, making sure you get maximum return and lasting enjoyment on your pergola investment. We’ve installed hundreds of home pergolas in Denver over the last decade, helping our customers add year-round usable space. Our top-notch online reviews and ratings reflect the quality of our products and services.

How Would a StruXure Home Pergola Look in Your Space?

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