Waterlogged tables, drenched patio cushions, and damp clothes severely detract from outdoor enjoyment. Your ultimate wish? Patio shelter that provides complete rain protection, so you’ll never have to worry about missing out on outdoor fun due to wet Denver weather. Manufacturers of louvered roof pergolas boast their ability to facilitate a waterproof outdoor living experience – but are adjustable pergola louvers really watertight? A closer look uncovers that not all adjustable roof pergolas deliver a dry experience in Denver showers and thunderstorms.

StruXure Louvered Pergolas are Tested for Superior Performance

Designing a waterproof louvered roof is no easy task. Many competing products fail to deliver on precipitation protection, featuring no gutter system or inferior louver designs. Waterlogged tables, drenched patio cushions, and damp clothes severely detract from enjoyment. How do StruXure louvered roof systems ensure a dry, drip-free outdoor experience?


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  • Interlocking louversWhen fully closed, StruXure pergola louvers create rain channels that funnel water directly into the built-in gutter system hidden inside pergola beams and columns. Rainwater is directed away from your patio via hidden downspouts.
  • 360-degree integrated gutter systemPatented pass-through gutter technology provides superior drainage performance while remaining completely invisible! Large 5 ½ to 7 ½ inch gutters, depending on your chosen pergola design, can meet the needs of even the heaviest Denver deluges without overflowing.

Ways to Enhance Outdoor Living Rain Protection

Rain doesn’t always behave predictably. For those unexpected showers and heavy rains, we also recommend:

  • Weather sensorsIntegrating optional built-in rain sensing technology into your aluminum pergola with louvers allows you to quickly adapt to changing weather and keep your outdoor living area dry.
  • Motorized screensMotorized roller screens enhance rain protection, guarding against sideways rain and breaking up droplets into smaller particles to reduce moisture penetration.


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StruXure Louvered Pergolas Provide Superior Rain Protection

Unlike imitators, StruXure louvered roof systems provide watertight shelter. Our opening and closing pergolas offer the most durable, versatile outdoor patio shelters on the market. In addition to a drip-free louvered roof design, they reflect heat, stand up to high winds, resist denting from hail, and can hold heavy snow loads with louvers fully closed. They’re truly the best patio cover for any weather, ensuring comfortable, usable square footage year-round.

Transform Your Outdoor Living Experience

Put weather worries in the rearview. Invest in a patio shelter that ensures uninterrupted use of your outdoor living space. Contact StruXure Denver at 303-500-6669 to find out more about integrating a louvered roof pergola into your outdoor area, or schedule a design consultation today.


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