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Adjustable Pergolas Vs. Fixed Roof

Adjustable Pergolas by StruXure of Denver

Fixed and adjustable roof pergolas offer the perfect solution to maximizing outdoor enjoyment. They provide much-needed shade and shelter while allowing you to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. Which style of home or commercial pergola is best for your outdoor space? When comparing adjustable pergolas vs. fixed roof pergolas, consider these factors.


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Available Pergola Roof Options

  • Fixed, open roof pergolas

Traditional open pergola structures are typically covered in vines for ambiance and to enhance shade but offer no rain protection.

  • Fixed, closed roof pergolas

These permanently closed structures may also be called gazebos or pavilions.

  • Adjustable roof pergola designs

Adjustable louvered roof pergola designs, such as the StruXure Cabana or Pivot 6, offer the flexibility to slide louvers on the roof open or closed depending on your sun, shade, shelter, or ventilation needs.

  • Hybrid dual roof pergola

Hybrid designs, such as the StruXure Pan 6 multizone residential pergola, seamlessly integrate fixed and louvered panels, allowing you to enjoy both fixed and adjustable pergola roof styles simultaneously.

Comfort and Versatility

When it comes to comfort and versatility, adjustable pergolas give you control over your environment; fixed roof pergolas simply don’t. When it’s hot, or the sun’s too bright, you can adjust the louvers on your StruXure pergola to the ideal amount of shade. When it’s cold, you can take advantage of the sun’s warmth. And when it rains or snows, you can slide louvers closed, engaging the integrated gutter system and enjoy drip-free rain protection.


Both fixed and adjustable pergolas come in a variety of beautiful styles perfect for highlighting your home or business, from traditional to modern designs. StruXure pergolas offer many style options, including:

  • White, black, beige, bronze, adobe, and gray powder coating
  • Corbel, scalloped, beveled, or mitered ends
  • Architectural columns
  • Faux wood wrap
  • Sliding roof
  • And more


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 Customization and Ease of Use

Fixed pergolas are notoriously low tech because – well, they’re fixed. There are no louvers to operate. A ceiling fan and lights are often the only operable accessory additions. Adjustable pergolas offer built-in lighting and ceiling fans as well – but they offer so much more in the customization arena:

  • Motorized screens
  • Retracting curtains
  • Built-in infrared patio heaters
  • Electric or solar power
  • User-friendly handheld/wall-mount remote control or app-driven pergola operation
  • Automated rain, wind, and freeze sensors that adjust pergola settings in response to changing weather

Low-Maintenance, Lasting Performance 

Traditional stick-built, fixed roof structures require frequent staining or painting to guard against premature wear. StruXure commercial grade adjustable pergolas are built to last a lifetime with minimal maintenance. Our louvered pergolas' fully extruded, powder-coated aluminum design resists insects, sunlight, salt, chemicals, hail, and hurricane-force winds without scratching, peeling, denting, warping, or rotting. They are virtually maintenance-free, so you can spend time enjoying your pergola rather than worrying about upkeep.

Find the perfect pergola roof style for your outdoor living space with help from StruXure of Denver. Contact us at 303-505-6669 to learn more about our versatile louvered pergola and dual-roof pergola designs or schedule a pergola design consultation today.


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Enjoy Your Outdoor Living Space More… With An Adjustable Louvered Pergola!

Do you have an under-used, uncovered patio that is either too hot when you want to use it, or gets too much rain or snow to be functional? The Adjustable Louvered Pergola System has you covered – or uncovered! Unlike a retractable awning or wooden structure with fixed slats that give partial shade, but no rain protection, this aluminum pergola system can offer full sun, partial to full shade, or shelter thanks to its ingeniously designed adjustable louvered roof system.

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Aluminum Pergola
The Benefits of a Denver Pergola System

Tame Unrelenting Sunshine with Ease

The thick louvers are easily adjustable with either a motor and remote or a manual opener, providing just the right amount of shade regardless of the sun's position, allowing you to comfortably enjoy more time outdoors.

Repel Rain

The specially designed louvers offer full protection from the rain, interlocking when closed to provide a watertight cover with a gutter that channels rainfall exactly where you want it.

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