Why might you love an outdoor pergola? StruXure louvered roof pergolas offer many benefits beyond the backyard.

Aluminum Pergolas are an Easy, Inexpensive Way to Create Usable Space

With an adjustable pergola, you can turn unused backyard real estate into valuable, functional square footage you and your family can enjoy year-round. Extend your living space, add an outdoor kitchen and dining room, create a spa or poolside oasis, or give yourself a quiet place to escape in comfort beneath our versatile louvered roof systems. Our patio pergolas offer all the comforts of the indoors, featuring built-in lighting, outdoor ceiling fans and heaters, and motorized screens for added weather protection and privacy.

Adjustable Pergolas Provide Versatile Shelter

StruXure louvered pergolas provide far more versatility than traditional fixed roof structures. Our aluminum pergolas feature a unique design, with louvers that adjust up to 170 degrees. Dial in the perfect amount of sunlight, shade, or shelter with a quick swipe of your smartphone or the flick of a remote-control button. Get relief from the sun in the summer, bask in its warmth in the fall and winter, and stay dry in passing rain and snow showers, enjoying every season. Adjust as needed, change setting by the clock, or incorporate weather sensors for on-demand response to rain, wind, and freezing temperatures for ultimate protection.


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Residential Pergolas Add Value and Curb Appeal

A pergola is the perfect way to set the stage for outdoor recreation or highlight your home or landscape design. Our luxury louvered roof systems boost value and curb appeal, offering an attractive addition for potential buyers and allowing them to picture themselves enjoying your home. Personalize your single or multi-zone pergola with custom colors, decorative columns, or corbel ends, creating a stylish and unique design. Permanent and exceptionally long-lasting, aluminum pergolas add a distinctive touch, offering a greater return on investment than high-maintenance wood pergolas and visually heavy fixed roof outdoor shelters.

Louvered Pergolas Protect Your Furnishings

Colorado’s high-altitude sun, strong winds, and changing weather can be incredibly destructive. Fortunately, the premium powder-coated finish of StruXure aluminum pergolas withstands the most demanding outdoor conditions while protecting furnishings and belongings sheltered beneath. Simply close louvers on demand, schedule adjustments using the iLouver app, or ensure protection right when you need it with weather sensors, adjusting louvers to shelter your outdoor space through searing sunlight, rain, and snow.


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Motorized Pergolas Can Help You Save Energy and Ensure a Comfortable Home

Most homes have large glass doors or windows looking out onto the patio that can allow a lot of sun into the interior. With the influx of solar heat, your air conditioner must run more to maintain temperature. Our adjustable pergolas can mitigate heat gain without obstructing your view, providing protection from the sun as needed, dropping the temperature of interior rooms by 10-15 degrees in the heat of the day, and reducing cooling needs and energy costs when louvers are adjusted to exclude sunlight.

Our Commercial Grade Pergolas Provide Worry-Free Use and Easy Maintenance

Our home pergolas feature a strong yet lightweight fully-extruded aluminum design. Built for a lifetime of use, they stand up to salt, chlorine, heavy rain, hail, hurricane-force winds, and heavy snow loads. Thick powder coating prevents oxidation and corrosion, virtually eliminating the maintenance associated with traditional outdoor shelter – no sanding, painting, or sealing required!

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