Are you missing out on tech that can help your business operate more efficiently and save money? From boosting your revenue stream to time savings and energy expenditures, smart pergolas make dollars and sense.

The Brains of the Operation

In today’s age of the Internet of Things (IoT), technologically advanced everyday items with ‘smart’ options offer businesses the opportunity to streamline operations, reduce costs, and remain competitive. According to a Strategy Analytics IoT 2016 Deployment and Usage Trends Survey of 350 global business across 23 vertical markets, nearly 70% of businesses worldwide have begun such IoT device incorporations. Appliances, lighting, thermostats and more offer tremendous opportunity for creating healthier, more comfortable, increasingly energy efficient work and customer environments – and ‘smart’ pergolas are no exception.
What Can You Accomplish with Smart Pergola Tech?

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  • Energy savings
    Open or close you louvered pergola roof, allowing the sun to shine inside in the winter, or deflecting the sun’s rays in the summer to reduce the strain on your HVAC, lowering energy costs – and your carbon footprint.
  • Time savings
    Prevent the endless need to constantly raise/lower umbrellas and awnings and wipe down tables with every Denver afternoon storm.
  • Monetary savings
    Protect the lifespan of outdoor furnishings, guarding them against the damaging effects of sun, wind and precipitation.
  • Reduce maintenance
    With components built to last a lifetime: Quiet, American-made CE and UL certified motors built to stand-up to the harshest outdoor environments without maintenance.
  • Protect customers
    Comfortable customers stay longer, and smart pergolas help you keep clientele happy year-round, keeping not only the weather at bay, but pests of all kinds with motorized screens and curtains for improved comfort and privacy.
  • Boosts revenue
    Add additional multifunctional seating/client space where none previously existed, from rooftops to balconies and traditional patio fare.
  • Convenience
    A truly ‘smart’ device, our iLouver pergola technology integrates meaningful, useful technology…


Just How ‘Smart’ Are We?

Arcadia’s iLouver app-driven operation provides the ultimate in comfort and weather control. Available for free download from Apple and Google Play stores, the iLouver app offers a broad expanse of control and programming options…

  • Schedule opening/closing at specific times of the day.
  • Re-open to last known position.
  • Setup and choose between 4 pre-set positions.
  • Employ sensor technology for the automatic opening/closing of your roof depending on weather conditions (rain, wind).
  • Direct sun into or out of your outdoor area for comfort – or to help control your interior heating/cooling costs.
  • Rest easy, knowing ‘hurricane mode’ will override all functions to protect your pergola in high winds, allowing for the free flow of air through louvers.

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