The cost-benefit of restaurants, coffee shops, or any commercial outdoor patio areas to be able to fully utilize their seating during inclement weather is a big issue, even in sunny Colorado. A cost analysis in the restaurant industry has shown that a loss in revenue from unused outdoor seating during inclement weather can be as high as $10,000/day, not only from the unused tables, but also from patrons who are turned off due to overcrowded seating and long wait times to dine. Profit margins in the restaurant industry are already small enough; so even Denver’s frequent afternoon thunderstorms can still dramatically affect your bottom line.

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How to best weather the storm?

Weather related business losses could be mitigated by preparing for a rainy day – literally. Those patio umbrellas may look quant, but let’s face it, they just aren’t getting the job done – either they are protecting one side of the table and not the other, or they’re getting blown over with a gust of wind – causing serious injury liability. Even hot seating in sunny weather with the most robust umbrellas can turn guests away. The solution: The limitless possibilities of a fully adjustable Arcadia Denver pergola.

Your forecast for success

Customer friendly, ambiance enhancing Arcadia Denver pergolas offer you shelter from not only the storm, but withstand wind and tackle tricky shading situations without breaking a sweat. With the help of a Denver pergola, you have a 100 percent chance of increased business during a sudden rain shower. Customer and staff friendly Denver pergolas…

  • Offer sun, shade, or shelter with the touch of a button!
  • Simply adjust the louvres and keep patrons in their seats, despite what kind of weather threatens!
  • Fully adjustable louvres provide just the right amount of sun or shade.
  • Interlocking louvres offer complete rain and snow protection.
  • Enhance the look of your location, not only offering protection from the elements, but creating a beautiful ambiance day or night with fans, and ambient lighting.
  • Mitigate weather related liabilities these Denver pergolas were engineered for hurricane force winds and can take a ton of snow.
  • Improve customer retention, increase sales, and even make your wait staff happier – they’ll all clamor to be on the patio!

Are you missing out on an opportunity for increasing your business revenue? Improve the look of your building and your bottom line by discovering the bright side of Arcadia pergolas from Denver Pergolas. Contact us today.



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