Gone are the days when a simple patio table and chairs were the height of guests outdoor dining experience. Today’s outdoor spaces now rival and sometimes transcend the looks and functionality of indoor dining spaces. Winning designs seamlessly transition from indoors to out, merging spaces beautifully together into a cohesive, functional whole, enhancing and extending revenue generating space.

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How Can You Create a Seamless Transition from Indoors to Out?

  1. Incorporate Complementary Architecture
    When designing your outdoor space, add decorative touches that mimic those within your venue, such as beams, arches, transoms, and columns. Likewise, mirroring light fixture, countertop, and flooring choices (where compatible with the outdoor climate) ensures a smooth transition between indoor and outdoor areas.
  2. Use a Similar Design Scheme
    Choosing similar colors that reflect the decorating theme of adjoining rooms creates a sense of flow. Take note of key colors, as well as furniture, upholstery, and accessory styles, extending the same motif throughout both indoor and outdoor spaces.
  3. Add Functionality
    The most cohesive designs lure people in with elements such as comfortable furnishings with ample space for lounging, an inviting fire feature, beautiful greenery, and functional additions like an outdoor bar seating, or an entertainment system with Wi-Fi connectivity.
  4. Refine Your Outdoor Space with Flexible Shelter
    Collapsible doors or glass doors, leading to a covered patio area, creates a smooth transition between indoor and outdoor environments, tying the spaces together and enhancing functionality. Outfitting your outdoor space with a StruXure louvered roof system helps to ensure a clean, dry, comfortable space year-round, allowing your dining guests to transition from indoors to out without being affected by changing weather. Integrated as part of your restaurant automation system, outfitted with rain-sensing technology, or operated on-demand via remote or smartphone, the versatile design of StruXure pergolas allows you to easily adapt, sealing out rain, or adjusting louvers to allow just the right amount of sun or shade within. Custom design your system to match your business’s personality perfectly and style, including:

    • Built-in lighting
    • Ceiling fans
    • Patio heaters
    • Motorized screens
    • Privacy curtains
    • And other design accessories (http://www.denverpergolas.com/accessories/)
  5. Smart Operation
    Linking audio speakers, lighting features inside and outside your establishment with smart automation systems enhances flow from the indoors out, unifying the sensory experience from one space to the next. The ultimate outdoor accessory, StruXure is the world’s smartest pergola. With the StruXure outdoor app for iOS or Android, you can link to Amazon Alexa, enjoying voice-controlled operation, programming multiple products or zones on a schedule or on-the-go from your mobile device, easily managing the effects of weather on your outdoor space. Or, if you prefer, integrate with RTS control systems like IFTT, Control4, Crestron, and Savant.

Ensure a seamless design from indoors to out with a StruXure adjustable aluminum pergola addition. Bring the indoors out with the help of Denver Pergola Systems today.

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