A full restaurant is an ideal scenario – until you start losing customers to competitors for your known lack of seating. To protect your reputation and keep guests at your establishment where you want them, an outdoor seating area topped with the flexibility of an adjustable commercial pergola makes for a great investment. Providing additional seating space and keeping happy, satisfied customers within the confines of your venue, research has shown patio seating can boost revenue, adding up to 30% in sales.

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More than a ‘Fair Weather’ Prospect

With the flexibility of an StruXure adjustable aluminum pergola, you can count on your additional outdoor seating space year-round. Instead of losing this coveted space to sun, rain, or snow that can shut down seating for hours or days, cutting into your seating space and profits, with a customized adjustable louvered roof system your establishment can make the most of any weather, opening louvers to take in those rare ‘perfect days,’ rotating to provide partial or total shade, or sealing completely to block out rain and snow that would otherwise send diners dashing for the door.

Comfort in an Instant

Weather change? Dial-in the perfect amount of sun, shade or shelter with remote control or smart-device-driven iLouver app operation, or automate your setup with additional rain and wind sensors. Lighting deficiencies? Create your own custom built-in lighting scheme, from dimmable LED pot lights to Edison-style pendant lighting. Glare issues? Motorized curtains and screens provide shade, pest protection, and privacy. Too cold/warm? Integrated ceiling fans and infrared patio heaters ensure guest comfort even in weather extremes.

The Perfect Marketing Opportunity

Providing a living, breathing advertisement for your restaurant’s popularity, a lively patio not only retains existing customers but attracts additional clientele. How much could an outdoor patio addition add to your bottom line? Casual restaurants earning a $25/seat average could see an additional $45k in return with the addition of just six 4-tops on an added patio space that remains open an additional 15-days of the season (10 table turnovers at 50% capacity), offering an extremely rapid return on your outdoor dining area investment. The longer your patio area remains open beyond this given your investment in increasing guest comfort and ambiance, the more considerable your return.

Ready to extend your seating space and profit potential? Now’s the time to incorporate your outdoor seating addition to take advantage of the favored spring outdoor dining season. Contact StruXure Denver to learn more about how a customized StruXure adjustable aluminum pergola can benefit your business today.

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