People love pergolas. Beautiful and functional, they flock to their shelter. Despite depending on the protection of pergolas, however, they are loathe to care for them in-return, wishing for structures that require zero-maintenance yet withstand the tests of time. In a perfect world, everything would last forever, with little-to-no maintenance. In the real world, though impossible, you can reduce your need to constantly maintain or frequently replace by mindfully selecting your pergola materials.

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What Materials Reduce Pergola Maintenance & Increase Pergola Lifespan?

  • Fully Extruded Aluminum
    Strong enough to withstand hurricane-force winds, yet lightweight enough for rooftop and balcony additions, every component of the Arcadia is comprised of high-tensile, fully-extruded aluminum. Unlike roll-form aluminum, wood, and fabric/canvas pergola components, you are saved from cleaning and sealing, as well as weather-wear, warping or cracking, by choosing durable, fully-extruded aluminum construction over other, shorter-lived pergola options.
  • Akzo Nobel Powder Coating
    Industry-leading AkzoNobel powder coatings protects your pergola purchase from sun, rain, salt water, chlorine and air, preventing oxidation and corrosion and virtually eliminating the maintenance needs associated with more traditional shelter structures. Available in an array of custom colors, it is specially formulated to reflect solar radiation, helping keep patrons cool and reducing the ‘heat island effect.’
  • 170-Degree of Pivoting Action
    The motorized louvers of the Arcadia adjustable aluminum pergola provide 170—degrees of pivoting flexibility, outshining imitators, whose 100-145-degree range come up short on protection from sun, rain, and wind, putting your furnishings and patrons at-risk, and increasing staff maintenance duties following inclement weather.
  • Built-In Gutters
    The added pivoting flexibility of the Arcadia upholds its superior interlocking louver design, providing unmatched water management via a built-in, leak-free gutter system, delivering unmatched performance in the rain to reduce inclement weather maintenance needs. Just one of the reasons the Arcadia is the system of choice for resorts, restaurants, and country clubs who pride themselves on patron comfort.
  • American-Made CE & UL-Certified Motors
    Operated via remote control or iLouver app-driven technology, the American-made CE and UL-certified motors of the Arcadia adjustable aluminum pergola are exceptionally quiet, maintenance-free and built to withstand even the harshest outdoor conditions. Open/close remotely, by pre-set position, time, or on-demand, with optional wind and rain-sensing shelter technology.

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