Staff and customers feeling as cold and bleak as the winter weather? It’s easy to get the doldrums when you’re stuck inside day-after day. But what if you could put those winter blues in the rear view, boosting business and morale, with a winning outdoor dining space?

The Secret’s in the Setup

On those one-off cool, sunny days of winter, a properly poised patio can be your business’ best friend. How can you help your customers, staff and business take advantage of every last ray of sunshine? 

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  • Get some free Vitamin D….
    Letting the sunshine in with the help of the ingeniously designed Arcadia adjustable aluminum pergola, quickly altering roof settings via remote or smart-device driven operation to the perfect pitch to take advantage of those rare sunshiny days. With 170-degrees of rotation, it’s easy to take advantage of the sun, if only for the day.
  • Keep things toasty…
    With strategically placed infrared patio heaters or the addition of an attention-grabbing fireplace or fire pit. Cut winds and contain warmth with the quick adjustment of motorized screens and curtains, creating a cozy environment that draws customers in for more.
  • Don’t sweat the wet…
    Courtesy of the Arcadia’s built-in and leak-proof gutter system, engineered not only to efficiently whisk wetness away, but to withstand heavy snow loads – and even hurricane force winds!
  • Skip the scraping…
    When the evening’s through, tightly close the louvers on your pergola to seal out rain, snow, and ice, protecting your tables and seating from water and ice buildup that can slow outdoor dining room setup and rob customer comfort.
  • Cure cabin fever…
    By bringing the indoors out with the help of your fully adjustable, Arcadia aluminum pergola, the perfect solution for extending your outdoor seating season – no matter the season.


Create Front-Row Seating for the Winter Wonderland

From hotels and schools, to restaurants and bars, make prime use of your patio space year-round. Discover the doors an Arcadia adjustable aluminum pergola can open for your business. Contact Denver Pergola Systems today.

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