This article was previously published on March 15, 2017, but updated on September 15, 2023

You may be surprised to find many more patio shelter options exist beyond traditional stick-built designs. The latest commercial aluminum pergola offers unexpected function and durability, leading many home and business owners to leave wood in the rearview in favor of cutting-edge louvered pergola technology. Is a wood pergola or a metal pergola better for your business?

Fixed Roof Patio Shelter Offers No Flexibility

Traditional wood patio covers force you to make the impossible choice: Should you go with a solid roof to block out rain, snow, and sun, or opt for a lattice-style top that looks lovely but offers guests no protection against harsh sunlight or precipitation? Louvered roof pergolas don’t force you to choose. They deliver the ultimate in versatility, providing a luxurious ambiance and flexible shelter. Enhance ventilation, dial in the ideal amount of sunlight or shade, or protect patrons from rain and snow, ensuring reliable year-round guest seating. The simple flick of a remote or mobile device is all it takes to rotate louvers up to 170 degrees to the perfect setting.

Wood Pergolas Require More Maintenance

While wood pergolas require regular painting or staining to guard against moisture and pests, commercial-grade aluminum pergolas require little to no annual maintenance. Spray occasionally with a hose or wipe down with a damp cloth. StruXure powder-coated aluminum pergolas resist corrosion and stand up to hurricane-force winds and heavy snow loads. Program with ease from anywhere, quickly and easily adjusting between pre-programmed positions based on the time of day or season – or let your pergola do the work for you, integrating weather sensors that automatically adjust based on rain, wind, and freezing temperatures.


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Custom Metal Pergolas Offer More Options to Reflect Your Brand Identity

Aluminum pergolas with motorized louvers offer many more customization opportunities than fixed-roof patio shelter designs. With a commercial pergola from StruXure, you can choose from a variety of powder-coating colors or faux-wood wrap. Add custom-cut ends, cornice façade, and architectural columns, creating a design that reflects your business image or complements surrounding architecture. Bump up the ‘wow’ factor with a car-like sunroof-style sliding roof, giving guests access to unobstructed sky views during beautiful weather. Incorporate built-ins like ceiling fans, patio heaters, motorized screens, speakers, and outdoor TV mounts, enticing customers to stay longer and boosting ticket prices.

Don’t Lose Business to Uncomfortable Weather

Draw positive attention, improve customer satisfaction, and drive sales with a louvered roof commercial pergola from StruXure Denver. Contact us at 303-500-6669 to schedule a complimentary design consultation and learn more about ways to put an aluminum pergola to work for your business today.


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