What’s the difference in price between a louvered pergola system and other patio shelter solutions on the market? Motorized pergolas have been used in other countries for quite some time, but they’re new to the American market. Adjustable pergolas are available in a range of price points based on construction, warranty, and amenities. Is this outdoor shelter solution right for you? The answer will depend on your design needs, expectations, and budget.

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Factors Impacting the Cost of Motorized Pergolas 

  • Pergola size
  • The larger your pergola design, generally the higher the final price tag will be. Asking your pergola manufacturer about the cost and design benefits of specific sizes will shed light on how much bang you can get for your pergola buck, square-footage-wise. StruXure pergolas are custom-made, so standard sizing will never impact your design goals.

  • Pergola design
    StruXure home pergolas come in attached and detached designs in many standard colors to complement your home. Custom colors, faux wood wrap, architectural columns, and custom trim, including corbel ends, are also available for you to customize your pergola design at an additional cost.
  • *Learn more about the pros and cons of attached vs. detached pergola designs.

  • Pergola system manufacturer
    There can be a large difference in price between residential pergola manufacturers. Materials cost, durability, available accessories, and warranty all play a role. Asking questions and comparing carefully between manufacturers ensures a wise investment.

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  • Patio shelter reliability
    The interlocking louver design and built-in gutter system of StruXure residential pergolas provide reliable weather protection. Unlike the lower-priced but less advanced designs of our competitors, you’ll never have to worry about drips, leaks, or waterfalls ruining your outdoor experience.
  • Pergola durability
    Unlike other metal frame pergola styles like steel, which can rust, and weaker roll-form aluminum pergola designs, StruXure aluminum pergolas are made from fully-extruded aluminum and built to last a lifetime. Featuring premium Akzo Nobel powder coating, they stand up to sunlight, moisture, and salty marine environments without corroding. They resist denting from hail, heavy snow loads, and even hurricane-force winds – no advanced prep required.
  • Pergola accessories
    Accessories add to the cost, but also the functionality and versatility, of your motorized pergola system. Prioritizing the features that are most important to you can help you maximize your investment:

    • Built-in lighting for convenient, 24/7 use
    • Integrated ceiling fans and infrared patio heaters for comfort
    • Retractable pergola screens and curtains for privacy and pest protection
    • Manual, remote control, and MyLink app-driven operation
    • Smart pergola technology for automated operation

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