Turn unused outdoor real estate into an attractive, income-generating amenity. Double your seating under a louvered patio cover. StruXure commercial pergolas offer an easy way to integrate functional, usable square footage for far less than an interior addition. Our Pivot 6 XL commercial pergolas respond to changing weather on-demand, allowing you to create an outdoor patio dining and event space you can count on in any weather.

Boost Sales with a Commercial Aluminum Pergola

Eight out of ten diners wish for additional outdoor seating options. StruXure aluminum pergolas make expanding your patio dining area faster and easier than ever before. Increase usable space, entice new customers, and create opportunities for revenue with a well-outfitted pergola, adding seating with:

  • Restaurant patios
  • Rooftop dining
  • Upper and lower deck seating
  • Courtyard seating


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Our louvered roof pergolas provide an enjoyable dining atmosphere sought after by guests, ensuring a longer stay, higher ticket prices, and repeat business. Host family gatherings, holiday parties, business meetings, and other private events, boosting your bottom line. Our custom restaurant pergolas offer a rapid return on investment, generating positive word-of-mouth buzz.

StruXure Adjustable Pergolas Ensure Comfortable Outdoor Dining Year-Round

The louvers in the motorized roof of StruXure patio pergolas rotate up to 170 degrees, making it easy to adjust to the ideal seasonal setting for seasonal comfort. Provide summer shade, open to the perfect angle to take advantage of winter sunlight, or seal louvers for leak-proof rain and snow protection. A fully integrated gutter system shuttles rain and snow melt away, keeping diners, furnishings, and patio floors dry. Set the stage for an enjoyable dining experience with built-in:

    • Ceiling fans for summer cooling and circulation
    • Infrared patio heaters for winter warmth
    • Motorized screens for added privacy and shade, to deflect wind, rain, and snow, or contain warmth while still allowing for air circulation

Customize Your Commercial Pergola Design for Your Brand or Location

Turn your business’ exterior into an advertisement with our customizable commercial pergola designs. Our pergolas leave quite an impression, especially the Pivot 6 Slide, with its automobile sunroof-style sliding roof. We can help you create the ideal system to meet your guests’ needs and reflect your brand image. Choose from white, black, beige, adobe, bronze, and grey powder coating and faux wood wrap to complement your theme. Accent with architectural columns and custom-cut ends and trim. We offer many commercial pergola options to meet your needs.

Manage Restaurant Pergola Operation with Ease

Our commercial louvered pergolas make adjusting to Denver’s rapidly changing weather a breeze. Operate by remote or wall-mounted control or using a mobile device using the Somfy MyLink app, preprogramming daily settings. Or simplify everyday use with smart weather sensing technology for on-demand response to ice, snow, rain, and high winds, reducing patio furniture maintenance needs.


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Built for a Lifetime of Low Maintenance Use

Our powder coated pergolas are a low-maintenance addition to any business, requiring only occasional cleaning with a hose or microfiber cloth. They’re built to last a lifetime, featuring a fully extruded, commercial grade aluminum frame. StruXure pergolas stand up to intense sunlight, heavy snow loads, hail, hurricane-force winds, and harsh pool and seaside environments. Flexible, functional, and easy to maintain, they’ll withstand anything Mother Nature throws your way.

Increase Revenue and Curb Appeal with a Patio Pergola

Put our louvered patio covers to work for our business. Contact StruXure Denver at 303-500-6669 to learn more about customizing a new single or multi-zone commercial pergola for your restaurant today.

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