Winter’s here – will your restaurant’s outdoor dining plans get put on ice? When temperatures plummet in Denver, and Jack Frost brings snow and ice to the table, flimsy patio umbrellas aren’t enough to protect diners, and permanent shelters can pose a danger under heavy snow loads and ice melt. What can you do? Head winter weather off at the pass, keeping patrons dry and warm beneath the comfort of a commercial aluminum pergola with built-in infrared heaters and screening.

StruXure Aluminum Pergolas Can Safely Survive It All


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Unlike a fixed roof that requires frequent snow removal for safety, leaving your employees imitating a Three Stooges episode, why not create a restaurant patio that’s more functional and easier to maintain with a StruXure commercial pergola addition? Our sleek but sturdy aluminum pergolas make managing the Denver weather an easy feat for your staff. Our tough but lightweight pergolas feature a fully extruded aluminum design that can easily handle 6-7 feet of snow and winds up to 180 mph.

Your Solution to Comfortable, Year-Round Outdoor Dining

Featuring an integrated, leak-proof gutter system and a louvered roof design that pivots up to 170 degrees, StruXure commercial pergolas can easily manage winter rain, sleet, and snow, quickly adjusting to let the warmth the sunshine in when inclement weather clears. It is an ideal solution for outdoor covered seating areas, excelling in providing low-maintenance customer comfort.

  • Adjust to changing weather on demand
    Operate your louvered pergola system with the click of a remote-control button or iLouver app-driven programming. Adjust louvers to their last known position, program up to 4 pre-set positions based on the time of day, or go no-maintenance with integrated weather sensing technology that automatically responds to weather changes such as rain, wind, and freezing temperatures.
  • Keep diners warm and toasty
    Built-in infrared patio heaters, mounted on the wall or incorporated into your custom pergola system, radiate heat down on customers much like the sun, warming objects in their path. They provide energy-efficient warmth through the winter, transforming 100% of the energy they consume into usable heat, with no dissipation. Featuring a sleek, compact design that installs overhead, they require no floor space, remaining out of the way of customers and servers.
  • Deflect biting winds while maintaining fresh airflow
    Integrated motorized pergola screens are an ideal solution for cutting frigid winter winds and shutting out precipitation while maintaining the ventilation essential for a safe dining experience during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Don’t Let Sales Slump this Winter

Without an outdoor seating area, your restaurant could lose thousands a day in revenue. Create an outdoor covered seating area you can count on, outfitting your restaurant patio for whatever Mother Nature throws your way. Provide a safe, warm dining experience with a commercial aluminum pergola addition. Contact Denver Pergola Systems to learn more about our custom-designed single and multi-zoned adjustable pergola systems today.

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