Keep your Outdoor Patio Open for Dining this Winter

Locking up your outdoor dining area till the spring? Hold the door! You could be selling prime real estate short. Instead of relegating your patio dining space to a ghost town over the winter weather season, what if you could turn it into an attraction instead?

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Why Keep the Patio Door Open?

As the love for outdoor living explodes nationwide, dining and lounge establishments are picking up on the trend, redefining the winterization of patio spaces. Cozy décor, efficient outdoor heaters, and exclusive foodie fare are now warming guests up to chilly weather of outdoor dining – and earning additional income for creative entrepreneurs, especially for those in locales where space is at a premium. Turning your patio into a type of ‘cold weather attraction’ offers opportunities to boost profits over the slower winter season, free up more space for additional customers, and sets your business apart from the competition.

Tips to Transforming your Patio Space

  • Heat Things Up
    While a cooler environment is expected outdoors, heating elements are a must-have, as uncomfortable customers are sure to flee. Fortunately, there are an array of heating solutions for your layout, style, and budget:

    • Efficient and out-of-the-way wall-mounted, infrared heaters.
    • Popular and powerful freestanding (floor) heaters for larger spaces.
    • Intimate and inexpensive tabletop heaters.
    • Fire pits and fireplaces for unparalleled ambiance.
  • Make Setup a Snap
    Instead of annoying your crew with the daily scraping of ice and drying of patio furniture, reduce the workload and extend the life of patio décor with an adjustable louvered Arcadia aluminum pergola. Convenient remote or smart device driven operation let’s your staff securely close the roof to ward off freezing rain, ice and snow – or open it up throughout the day so customers can take advantage of the sun’s warmth.
  • Up the Coziness Factor
    Make your patio dining area warm and welcoming with padded, lounge-style furniture over hard, cold metal fare. Contain heat and deflect wind with the help of easily maneuverable motorized screens and curtains, adding blankets and pillows for a warm, homey touch.
  • Coordinate Lighting & Entertainment
    Complementing the dining atmosphere with your choice of lighting to draw attention inward, or keeping lighting low to put the focus on the wintry night.
  • Excite Customers with Exclusive Choices
    This element alone can bring patrons to your patio: Craft a menu available exclusively for outdoor patrons, from hot cocktails and spicy starters to decadent, warm and bubbling desserts, ramping up interest with a happy hour or weekly specials. Consider music and live entertainment on the terrace to differentiate the outdoors from the in.
  • Make it Unique
    For your patio to truly become an anticipated winter attraction, understand the idea is not to make your outdoor dining area simply an extension of the indoors, but an entirely different experience for dining adventurers to seek out. From an amazing environment to unique menu items and front row ‘winter wonderland’ outdoor seating, creating one-of-a-kind charm on your patio is essential.

Winterize your space in an entirely new way this cold weather season. Open up to the possibilities with the help of Denver Pergola Systems today.

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