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Create an Event Venue Everyone Wants to Book

Peggys Porch Event Space

Adjustable Commercial Pergolas / February 15, 2022

Create an Event Venue Everyone Wants to Book

This article was published on  3/16/2018   and updated on  2/15/2022

Outdoor event venues, like Peggy’s Porch offer the ideal way to draw in a crowd. Rapidly growing in popularity, they're the wave of the future and an asset in navigating life in the COVID era. Nothing outshines fresh air in an environment surrounded by nature's beauty. When expertly executed, outdoor festivities truly impress, paying huge dividends in client referrals. What does it take to create an event venue everyone wants to book? Denver Pergola Systems, the region's exclusive StruXure pergola dealer, knows the ins and outs of creating the ultimate setting to achieve a jaw-dropping outdoor experience.

Set the Stage Under the Shelter of a High-Tech Commercial Pergola

StruXure’s commercial pergolas shine center stage, serving as the heart and soul of your event venue. Sleek and high-tech, they demand attention, particularly when in motion. Motorized louvered pergolas pivot up to 170 degrees, adjusting to the ideal amount of sun, shade, or shelter, shifting with the weather to provide the ultimate customer experience. Hosting your venue beneath such a unique shelter shows your business is a cut above the competition, standing at the forefront of your industry.

Create a Versatile Setting Suitable for a Variety of Uses 

StruXure offers a range of pergola options, from small, non-permanent, 10x10 Cabana X pergolas to expansive Pivot and Pan 6 commercial pergola setups perfect for hosting any public or private event outdoors, including:

  • Conferences
  • Festivals
  • Fundraisers
  • Weddings and receptions
  • Family reunions
  • Holiday celebrations
  • Large scale dining events
  • Musical performances
  • Corporate gatherings and training events
  • Team building exercises

 Eliminate Event Cancellation Worries

Reliable shelter ensures your event will go on no matter the weather, preventing cancellation headaches. Versatile StruXure pergolas adjust by remote or smartphone device using Somfy RTS technology at the touch of a button, keeping guests protected. Optional rain and wind sensing technology deliver on-demand response to changing weather. Built-in pergola accessories, including lighting, ceiling fans, infrared heaters, and motorized screens, improve customer comfort and provide 24/7 year-round use of your venue space.


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Offer More than the Typical Venue

Providing time and money-saving services on-site such as catering, furnishings, linens, sound equipment, and more simplify event planning and increase your bottom line. Thinking outside the box to meet the needs of attendees with unexpected specialty additions like high-impact lighting or the cozy glow of an outdoor fireplace or portable gas fire pit tables for evening festivities sets your venue apart. 

Add a Touch of Drama

Capitalize on your unique location, setting the stage amidst majestic mountain views or relaxing waterside locales. Lightweight yet strong, StruXure aluminum pergolas can be seamlessly incorporated into any setting, creating the ideal event space to earn your business word-of-mouth buzz.

  • Add a spacious covered meeting space beneath large shade trees on your expansive landscape with a louvered roof pergola.
  • Tuck a pergola away in an elaborately landscaped green space for private parties or intimate wedding receptions.
  • Create a trendy gathering space atop a rooftop or balcony perfect for cocktails, dinners, or fundraisers.

 Blow clients away with an impressive, versatile outdoor venue space. Boost your brand image, drawing new clients to your door. Uncover new possibilities with help from Denver Pergola Systems. Contact us at 303-505-6669 to schedule a commercial pergola design consultation today.


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Enjoy Your Outdoor Living Space More… With An Adjustable Louvered Pergola!

Do you have an under-used, uncovered patio that is either too hot when you want to use it, or gets too much rain or snow to be functional? The Adjustable Louvered Pergola System has you covered – or uncovered! Unlike a retractable awning or wooden structure with fixed slats that give partial shade, but no rain protection, this aluminum pergola system can offer full sun, partial to full shade, or shelter thanks to its ingeniously designed adjustable louvered roof system.

Colorado's Exclusive Builder Of Arcadia Roof Systems

Aluminum Pergola
The Benefits of a Denver Pergola System

Tame Unrelenting Sunshine with Ease

The thick louvers are easily adjustable with either a motor and remote or a manual opener, providing just the right amount of shade regardless of the sun's position, allowing you to comfortably enjoy more time outdoors.

Repel Rain

The specially designed louvers offer full protection from the rain, interlocking when closed to provide a watertight cover with a gutter that channels rainfall exactly where you want it.

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