Is your restaurant losing out on revenue? A comfortable outdoor dining area keeps customers in the seat. Though you’ve already ensured weather protection with an StruXure adjustable aluminum pergola, this is not enough to ensure comfort in Colorado’s chilly winter climate. To keep customers cozy and within the confines of your venue, the addition of patio heaters to your commercial pergola makes for a wise investment.

How Much Could Patio Heaters Help You Add to Your Bottom Line?

Casual restaurants able to extend the season an additional 15-days with the help of a minimal investment in patio heaters could pull-in an additional $45k in profits given just six 4-top tables and a $25/seat average ticket (10 table turnovers at 50% capacity). Extend the season farther, keeping warmth contained with additional privacy curtains, walls and screens, and further boost your return.

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Types of Patio Heaters

Patio heaters come in a variety of styles and fuel types, which affect costs dramatically. Common styles include:

  • Freestanding
    Big, powerful, heavy (but portable), with a refillable compartment for fuel.
  • Mounted/Hanging
    Wall or ceiling-mounted and permanent. Typically electric and remote controlled. No footprint = ideal for a pergola patio cover
  • Tabletop
    Easily movable, electric or propane models.
  • Natural Gas Powered
    Lowest operating cost and ideal for those with access to a natural gas line. Permanent connection eliminates refilling (as with propane).
  • Electric
    Zero emissions. Hard-wired or plug-and-go permanent installation with no refilling of fuel tanks. Moderate operational costs.
  • Propane
    Portable and easy to use and install, but must be frequently refilled. Highest operational cost.

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Be sure to calculate BTUs before choosing a patio heater to ensure you’re not paying for more heater (and fuel) than you need.

Hold Your Horses – and Heater Installation

Before you do-it-yourself – take heed. Depending on where you live, there may be legal restrictions on who can install patio heaters, whether they be electric, gas, or propane-powered. For safety and liability, hiring a professional for installation is best.

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